Your ’90s dreams have come true in the form of a coloring book zine

Since recent studies have shown coloring to be an effective way to stomp out stress, it only makes sense to start stocking up on cute coloring books. For lovers of the ‘90s pop culture, there’s one that you will definitely need in your supply. Say hello to Hey Girl, The 90s Called Coloring Book Zine.

This new treasure from Betty Turbo is exactly what it sounds like: a coloring book featuring all of your favorite characters from popular ‘90s sitcoms and movies. Some of the noted references include My So-Called Life, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Can’t Hardly Wait, Beverly Hills, 90210, and Reality Bites! There’s 16 full pages of portraits to choose from. All you need is a pack of crayons or markers, a soundtrack of your favorite ‘90s hits and some free time! You’ll be on a stress-free, nostalgic journey soon enough.

Hey Girl, The 90s Called Coloring Book Zine by Betty Turbo, $8

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(Product shots via Etsy.)

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