This woman wore her ’90s bridesmaid dress around the house to poke fun at the “you’ll totally wear this dress again” lie

Being a bridesmaid can be tough work. Not only do you have to spend money on a dress, bachelorette party, shoes, and often travel, but those dresses usually aren’t super flattering. And yet, some brides still insist that you can reuse your bridesmaid dress in lots of ways. Come on, ladies. We all know that isn’t true.

And one woman just gave us the final word on that. After her friend posted anniversary photos from her wedding, Heidi Bruce Mann showed her friend Tammi that she “totally wore her dress again” in the most hilarious way.

Heidi posted a hilarious photoshoot in her ’90s bridesmaid dress to prove that we never wear them again.

"What do you mean sorry about the dresses? I wear mine all the time."

HAHAHAHA! Yeah, we all water the lawn, read, travel, and do laundry in our terrible bridesmaid dresses. They’re so versatile.

But real talk, we totally feel Heidi’s pain. There is zero chance she ever wore that dress again, and what a hilarious way to prove it. Like so many bridesmaid’s dresses, it was quite the product of its time.

But the truth is, that’s not the point. We buy the dresses to support our amazing friends, and it’s not really THAT important that we wear it again. What’s more important is that we’re with our pal on her big day.

And if we have to suffer in a less-than-stylish dress for one of our best friends, so be it! We’d do anything for our favorite gals. And when we get married, we’ll do it right back.

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