These ’90s baby names are becoming super popular again in 2018

Baby name trends are always changing, but for babies born in 2018, it seems like parents are taking a throwback approach. According to Baby Center’s latest predictions, ’90s baby names are popular again, which means you might start hearing the names of your elementary school classmates again when the people in your life start announcing their babies’ births.

Over the last several years, the trends have definitely leaned more toward the very creative. Instead of choosing a more traditional name for babies, it’s been all about originality — whether parents have been changing up spellings, searching for unusual names that will help their kiddo stand out, or even making up their own names.

Now, though, it seems we’ll start seeing a return to all of the ’90s baby names that were popular when we were kids.

Names like Jennifer, Natalie, and Kimberly for girls, and Daniel, Nathan, and Nicholas for boys are all trending. They’re pretty low-key names, but you can’t go wrong with a classic, right?

Here are the top five ’90s baby names for boys and girls that are due to make a comeback in 2018, as well as their meanings. Who knows — maybe you’ll find your new favorite name on this list.

’90s Baby Names for Girls

Maria: Maria is a form of the name Mary, which means “wanted-for child, rebellion, bitter.” Sounds like the perfect name if you expect your little one to be a handful — or if you’re super excited to finally have a baby.

Courtney: Courtney has French roots, and means “court-dweller,” but even if you don’t expect your daughter to grow up to be a basketball player, it’s still a really cute name.

Helen: Helen is Greek for “bright one,” which is a pretty cool meaning. Don’t all babies seem like bright ones (until they wake you up crying in the middle of the night, anyway)?

Heather: Heather is a direct reference to the flower of the same name. And even though it’s been losing popularity in recent years, you might see this name around a lot more in the next year.

Bethan: This name is a classic that used to be way more popular in years past, but you don’t hear it often anymore. If you’re looking for an original name that follows the ’90s trend, this might be the one for you.

’90s Baby Names for Boys

Bradley: Bradley is an English name that means “from the broad meadow.” It’s also known as a preppy name, so if you’re into Vineyard Vines, this might be the name for you.

Daniel: Daniel comes from Hebrew, meaning “God is my judge.” It’s one of those Biblical names that has ended up gaining popularity far out of its roots, so we can see it becoming even more popular in 2018.

Ryan: Ryan is normally an Irish last name, and it means “descendent of the king,” or even “little king.” These days, it’s being used for both boys and girls, which is really adorable.

Christopher: Christopher is — unsurprisingly — a Greek name meaning “Christ-bearer.” It’s still in the top 100 baby names for boys, so this name isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Lewis: Lewis is a take on “Louis,” which means “famous in battle.” Um, badass, right?

It’s going to be fun to see if these predictions end up being true. Keep an eye on those Facebook birth announcements — they could get interesting this year.