The unauthorized ‘90210’ movie is coming—here’s what we need covered

Even though we might not need an unauthorized Beverly Hills, 90210 Lifetime movie, we’re getting one. OK, actually, we do really need a Beverly Hills, 90210 unauthorized movie, so thanks for reading our minds, Lifetime. From the people who brought us the Saved By The Bell movie, and the upcoming Full House movie (not to mention, A Deadly Adoption this Saturday), 90210 is getting the unauthorized movie treatment.

The Unauthorized Beverly Hills, 90210 Story will show the roller coaster ride of the program’s first four seasons, highlighting the drama between cast members and producers both on and off-set,” a Lifetime rep explained in a statement. Wait, only the first four seasons, Lifetime? Tiffani-Amber Thiessen didn’t eve join the show until Season 5, but we’re going to trust that you guys know what you’re doing.

However, if you are looking for viewer-input about things we most definitely need to see explained to us in an unauthorized manner, we’ve got some episode suggestions from Seasons 1 – 4.

Just tell us how that secret egg password/ U4EA episode went down. In detail.

“U4EA.” We basically need to see every episode where the gang goes to a club, if only to relive amazing ’90s club fashion. But this episode also involves Emily buying drugs (from a guy with a giant 4 on his shirt) and slips one into Brandon’s drink. Brandon’s car is trashed. Then he breaks up with Emily. It’s all pretty amazing. So who came up with the drug name U4EA? And did that person win an Emmy? We hope so.

 Remember when Kelly and Brenda both wore the same prom dress? Were they pissed in IRL?

“Spring Dance.” THE HORROR. Tell me this wasn’t a fear of yours in high school. Kelly thinks she should wear it, because she’s a spring princess. Sassy prom Brenda doesn’t care. This episode also features Andrea imagining chasing Kelly with a chainsaw. Oh, and Brenda loses her virginity. Need to see the behind-the-scenes set up for that.

Donna Martin Graduates! Donna Martin Graduates!

“Something in the Air.” Donna, who was wasted at the prom, might not graduate. Everyone else freaks out about this, and they rally together to make sure that tipsy Donna can graduate. Then, everyone else is threatened with not being allowed to graduate, so they just chant “Donna Martin graduates” again and again… and it works? So yeah, Donna Martin graduates! That chant was stuck in our head for years. It was also, arguably, Donna’s breakout episode on the series. Poor Donna does everything right, and the one time she messes up, she messes up real good. We want to know how Tori prepped for the ep, and how long her co-stars, and a billion extras, had to chant those three words!

Let’s talk about the saddest Dylan episode ever

“Dead End” and “The Child Is Father To The Man.” Dylan’s dad, a convinced felon, is released from prison and then killed in a car bomb. What?! Dylan witnesses the whole thing. Whaaaat?! The following episode has Dylan trying to deal with the aftermath, and he doesn’t deal with it well. Process? Behind the scenes acting moments? General Luke Perry insight would be good.

Why did they take Scott from us?

“The Next 50 Years.” At his own birthday party, Scott accidentally shoots himself in the stomach and dies. The gang then buries Scott’s cowboy hat into a time capsule so he won’t be forgotten. OH MY GOD, SCOTT. Can he please make the cut on this Lifetime movie? I mean he really got the shaft in the series he was supposed to co-star in. I think we owe him that much.

Just tell us everything about the pilot episode.

“Class of Beverly Hills.” How about the first episode? We need to see a little Jason Priestly and Shannen Doherty just starting out on this crazy Beverly Hills adventure.

And, obvs, Brenda’s grand finale. Sad face emoji.

“Mr. Walsh Goes to Washington.” If you know nothing else about Beverly Hills, 90210, you at least know that Doherty brought a little bit of trouble with her, and left the show at the end of Season 4. So we’re most definitely going to need to see her final departure from the show, and just relive how devastating it was for us Brenda fans.

Got any more episodes you need to see re-told? Let us know! We’ve gotta keep ourselves occupied until this movie premiers on Lifetime.

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