Why this photo of a 90-year-old woman voting for Hillary Clinton is going viral

Casting a ballot for the first female presidential candidate of a major party is an exciting, unforgettable experience for many people (*raises my hand*), but it takes on a special meaning for women who waited decades for this moment. A photo of a 90-year-old woman voting for Hillary Clinton is going viral — and it’s proven that, despite the viciousness of this election cycle, Clinton supporters know that love trumps hate and no amount of Trump’s vitriol can take that away from us.

Scott Harris, a member of the sort-of secret Facebook group National Pantsuit Day, posted a photo of his 90-year-old mom, Anita Harris, happily holding up her mail-in ballot for Hillary Clinton. He wrote that she had passed away several days after voting, but she'll be "cheering from above" on Election Night.

Over 2,500 members of National Pantsuit Day, all of whom are self-proclaimed “nasty women and bad hombres,” commented with their condolences. Harris says he and his brother are overwhelmed by the outpouring of kindness and support.

"What is amazing is that human kindness still exists within this contentious election. It reminds me of people stopping and taking off a hat as a funeral procession passed by. Honoring a complete stranger. Just shows Love Trumps Hate," Harris posted in response.

He jokingly told the Huffington Post that the viral photo was the perfect send-off for his mom because “she always was a bit of an attention-seeker.”

Rather than a service, Anita Harris wanted her family to go out and enjoy some great Chinese food. They plan on honoring her wishes and doing just that — complete with a toast to she and Hillary Clinton.

The hatred spread by Trump and his supporters has been overwhelming, but gestures like this are powerful reminders that love trumps hate. On November 8th, we have the opportunity to prove it through our votes.

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