Look inside a real-life 90-square-foot apartment in New York City

New York City is known for its small apartments. There are are almost 8.5 million people living there and only so much land, so it makes sense that most New Yorkers would have to live in tiny spaces, and usually for a LOT of money.

To be able to live within their means, many New Yorkers are living in apartments that are basically the same size as the average child’s bedroom, and in most cities, wouldn’t even be considered a livable/rentable apartment. They’re small, you guys. Really, really small.

Felice Cohen is living in a tiny space that is probably the tiniest space of all tiny spaces. Her apartment is 90 square feet, and she manages to fit her entire life into it. Cohen works as a professional organizer, so for her, organizing her compact apartment was a challenge, but something she wasn’t mad about taking on.

“I’m sure there’s some compromising, but it’s worth it,” she says. Compromising might be an understatement, but it really seems to work for her.

Cohen sleeps on a loft bed, that way she can use the space below it for things like sitting and working:


Office space under the loft:


Sitting area where she hangs out and reads:


The apartment doesn’t have a kitchen, so she had to make her own:


For her closet, she got rid of the doors and put up a curtain to create more space:


The bathroom is bigger than an airplane’s bathroom, barely:


There’s even room for her artwork (which she calls “Shrinky Dink” art, appropriately):


For Cohen, living in a small space is worth it, because her Upper West Side apartment is walking distance to Central Park and the Lincoln Center, making it prime real estate and a very sought after location. And she’s only paying $700 per month, which may still seem pricey, but considering apartments in Manhattan typically rent for upwards of $3,600, $700 isn’t so bad. And she’s done a lot with the place. We’re impressed.

Check it out: