This 9-year-old girl’s business plan will slay your heart

We all can remember our childhood dream job. Maybe we wanted to be a vet, an astronaut, or a doctor. We’d tell everyone about our dreams, and we’d imagine how we’re going to change the world, because obviously we would rock the vet / astronaut / doctor WORLD. But nine-year-old Rylee is a young entrepreneur, and she’s got a plan, man. She’s going to be a dog walker, and she’s got a business model that leaves no room for anything but success.

Oh, and also? Aforementioned business model is the cutest thing we’ve ever seen.

When father and Reddit user Dentiteoz came across his daughter’s plan for success written in pencil on notebook paper, he shared it to Reddit, writing, “Found in my 9 y.o.’s backpack. Solid business model.” And it is. Check it out: what could possibly go wrong?

Rylee’s dad isn’t so sure. When one commenter shared their experience with business as a kid, making $20 and then going back to video games, he responded, “sounds exactly like what she will do.”

But TBH, it sounds like a solid plan to us. Ask parents for help, get the big “yes,” pricing, print papers, spread the word, walk dogs, SUCCESS. Honestly, we think this little girl is well on her way to being a business giant if she’s already mapping out serious plans at age 9. Step up, CEOs of the world, because Rylee’s gonna be all over the cover of Forbes someday.

In the meantime, we’re going to start writing “success” with little happy dashes around it at the bottom of all our to-do lists.

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