Twitter thinks this 9-year-old girl should be the New Yorker‘s cartoon caption writer, and we get it

There’s no denying the New Yorker is a prestigious magazine. Between the iconic New Yorker mascot that’s become synonymous with the brand and the mag’s in-depth profiles, the 93-year-old publication is a smart read. And there are many talented creatives who make it all work. But if the mag is looking for some young talent to add to its masthead, Twitter has found her. And by young, we mean she’s not even old enough to drive, or vote, and she probably still has a bedtime. Her name is Alice, she’s nine, and she’s a brilliant New Yorker cartoon caption writer. Just ask Twitter.

Emmy-nominated comedy writer Bess Kalb shared on Twitter this week that her cousin’s young daughter, Alice, has been participating in the New Yorker‘s cartoon caption contest. And let’s just say, the kid’s got skills. The type of whip-smart chops that only some of our favorite comedians possess. And again, she’s just nine.

Kalb had endless examples of the funny girl’s New Yorker cartoon captions, and Twitter is absolutely loving it.

And the funny doesn’t stop there.

While the jokes your family members tell may only be funny to you, everyone co-signed how hilarious Alice is. And um, give this girl a job. Are you listening, New Yorker? false

Take all our money, Alice! 

And Alice put smiles on plenty of faces.

Kalb made sure to show Alice all of the support she’s been receiving.

But Kalb also pointed to a bigger issue: the struggle female comedy writers often face, which starts at a young age.

We’re SO happy to see everyone rally around Alice (and girls like her) to encourage her to keep shining and making us laugh.

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