9 workout apps that will make your time in the gym really count

It can be tough to really settle into a gym routine without some help. This is why so many people hire trainers to give them some extra motivation to get on the path to being their strongest, most badass selves. But that can get very expensive on top of your gym membership and after-workout smoothie (OK, pizza). Instead of shelling out for a trainer, you should take advantage of all the free and paid workout apps to help you make the most of your time at the gym. Believe it or not, there are actually some really good ones.

Workout apps come in all different forms, just like your personal fitness routine.

So you might have to play around with a few until you find one you like and that gets you the results you’re shooting for. There are apps that simply track your inout and output calories throughout the day and others that offer different exercises you can do on the machines to give your workout some variety. If you like a little competition, there are apps that game-ify your workout and sync you up to other people doing the very same thing. Sometimes a challenge and a reward is the best way to motivate yourself to get off the couch and go for a long bike ride or lift weights.

Here are a few new workout apps to streamline your workout, whether you’re in your living room or at the gym.

1iMuscle, $4.99

Yes, it’s a paid app, but it’s worth it. The award-winning app is meant for people who want to train for strength and is meant for newbies to strength training as well as physical trainers and therapists. It’s super visual, science based, and gives you tons of new exercises to target certain parts of your body. Since it’s based in medical science, you’ll know exactly what you’re working and why.

2Sworkit, free with paid premium features

Sworkit has a grab bag of exercises ranging from yoga, cardio, stretching, and more. You can set a timer for yourself or just sit on the bench watching the “how to” explainers if you’re a super beginner and don’t know how to start. If you’re worried about the quality of the exercises — don’t. The app is apparently the closest you can get to the American College of Sports Medicine’s training guidelines, according to a 2015 study.

3Couch to 5K Running App, free

If you want to train for a marathon (or just pretend you are), this is the place to start. There are four virtual coaches depending on how much chiding you can take to walk you through all the cardio and weight training you need to make it through five whole kilometers. Good luck.

4All Day, free

This app comes from Adidas and is geared specifically toward women. It takes a more holistic approach where you input data and get a full picture of your physical and mental health. There are also little challenges you sign up for, like a week of yoga with a celebrity teacher or two weeks of solid strength training.

5Charity Miles, free

This is literally making the most of your time at the gym. This app lets you donate to charities based on every mile you cycle, run, or swim. It’s like signing up for a marathon for charity without bothering all of your friends to sponsor you. OH, and you don’t have to pay up: sponsors like Johnson & Johnson, Chobani, and Humani put a few cents down in your name for all of your effort.

6Daily Burn, free 30-day trial, then $15 a month

If you hate the idea of following an app or actually heading to the gym, Daily Burn let’s you download one of 800 workout videos of your choice — yoga, dance training, weight training, and more — and do it on your terms. They also have a live, daily, streamed workout session if you want to join a class from home. There’s a free trial and then it costs $15 a month, which is way less than a membership to a gym or even a drop-in pilates class.

7Qinetic, free

This is another app that lets you stream a variety of different workout classes right in your bedroom, but for free. Who needs a ClassPass? There are yoga routines, fast-paced quickie workouts, and more you can choose from.

8Fitstar Personal Trainer, free

If you really want a tailored gym workout but don’t want to talk to a human being, this is your new best friend. You can make it as tough or simple as you want to (make it tough, come on). But the app will use your body type, weight, and personal goals to guide you through your workout, so you won’t be doing exercises meant for a world-class body builder (unless you are one))

9Blogilates Official App, free

Fitness guru and POP Pilates founder Cassey Ho put together this app for anyone who wants to on-the-go, on-demand workouts. There are in app purchases if you want to get serious and also a collection of healthy recipes and wellness forums to browse when you need some inspiration.

Whether you’re working out at the gym or at home, there are tons of apps to help you out, so get up and go kill it.