9 ways to organize your bookshelf that are Instagram gold

For many bibliophiles, book storage is treated like a serious art form that can be just as gratifying as finishing a page-turner. There are levels to how you organize a bookshelf, and in fact, how people choose to display their books is so important that National Shelfie Day exists for the sole purpose of allowing bookworms to show off their #bookshelfies to the masses.

Because books are the gifts that keep on giving, it makes perfect sense why someone would put so much time and care into personal bookcase decorating ideas. Admittedly, we have been known to leave our favorite stories lying around on a dusty shelf or using them as coasters (yikes), but with so many cool ways to arrange a bookshelf, there’s no excuse for not having a book-storing space that is worthy of ALL the likes.

Whether your bookshelf shines with the help of a killer pair of bookends that perfectly suit your decorative tastes or the case carries a colorful theme, it’s all about displaying the books in style.

If you need some inspiration on how to show your appreciation for your valuable your book collection, here are nine ways to organize your bookshelf that are Instagram gold.

1By color.

Modeling your bookshelf design after the colors of the rainbow is super popular. It’s also a really easy way to breathe life into the display. As this insta-worthy bookshelfie proves, the color theme doesn’t have to strictly follow the ROYGBIV spectrum to be aesthetically pleasing. Mix up like colors on one shelf, throw in some stripes or similarly designed colors on another, et voila: You have a simple design that instantly spruces up the appearance of your personal library.

2On a spice rack (WHICH IS GENIUS, BTW).

At first glance, this book storage apparatus looks exactly like one of those carts you see at your local library or book store, but it’s actually a spice rack from IKEA. Repurposing, ftw.

3Around your desk.

Yes, books are special and deserve their own space to reflect their importance. But in the case of using them to accent your desk, the sharing of space is creative enough that we’re sure they won’t mind. (And yes, we are we talking about books like they have feelings. Don’t mind us: It’s a book lover’s thing.)

4Add personal accents.


Accessorizing your bookshelf just brings out the beauty of your reading collection. If you’re obsessed with a certain big-eyed nocturnal bird or colorful movie figurines that represent our emotions, feel free to toss in a few personal knick knacks.

Not only do these personal accents break up the monotony of seeing nothing but books, they provide a little insight into your personality.

5Book store style.


Instead of the spines facing outward, lay the books flat so that the covers are on full display. This custom shelf design gives the feeling that you’re browsing actual book store instead of someone’s personal collection.

6Light them up.


Because lights make everything better.

7Put them in a fireplace.

The thought of tossing your precious books into a fireplace definitely sounds like the most twisted, nightmarish scenario you could imagine, but relax: This fireplace-turned-bookshelf creation from designer Rachael Haven is anything but. In fact, we couldn’t be more obsessed with this idea of placing neatly arranged books inside of a colorful fireplace that no longer serves its original purpose. According to her post, she’s since converted the fireplace, but the bookshelf remains one of our favorite next-level design ideas.

8Throw in some greenery.

Here’s something the plant parent in your life can appreciate, particularly those who also happen to be book lovers. We love how this particular arrangement displays the books with the spines facing inwards, helping with the color contrast.

9Hang them on a wall.

If you’re search of cool, understated décor to liven up your space, try a hanging bookshelf.


This design goes the extra mile by incorporating the hanging concept and lights. If you’d like to try your hand at creating your own design, this simple DIY hanging leather shelf is an easy place to start.

There you have it! Hopefully these ideas inspire you to kick your book storage creativity up a notch because your bookshelf says a lot more about you than you think.