9 vegan pizza recipes to amaze your squad at your next dinner party

One of the hardest things to give up when you go vegan is America’s favorite food: PIZZA. Like, seriously, millennials eat loads of pizza for a reason! Thank goodness for the impressively delicious vegan pizza recipes that make sure no one has to give up pizza for good! When we think cheap and easy dinner parties, we think pizza, and by now, most of us have at least one vegan in our squad we don’t want to leave out. So we rounded up some of the best vegan pizza recipes around so we can all try ’em out together! Because, seriously, trust us when we say dairy free pizza can be just as good.

1. This fig pesto pizza


2. This broccoli, capers, red onion and aragula

3. This Mediterranean pizza


4. This pizza with spinach pesto and cashew “mozzarella” cheese


5. This super green vegan pizza

6. This gluten free, vegan pizza with broccoli, zucchini, and corn


7. This chickpea, spinach, cherry tomato deep dish pizza

8. This colorful fig pesto pizza

9. This chickpea and cauliflower crust pizza with almond cheese, kale, mushrooms and grilled peaches

Mmm, time go give these vegan pizza recipes a try!

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