7 reasons Dolly Parton’s ‘9 to 5’ reunion needs to happen

Hopefully by now you’ve found the time to binge Grace and Frankie on Netflix. If you haven’t yet, now it’s practically a requirement, because Dolly Parton wants to stop by the show. Grace and Frankie stars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, and with the addition of Parton, YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS? It’d be a 9 to 5 reunion. Know what we need in our lives? A 9 to 5 reunion.

At the Television Critics Association press tour, Parton mentioned that’d she told Fonda and Tomlin that she’d “love to come be on the show.” Parton just actually has to binge it herself, since she hasn’t found the time to watch it. That’s OK! We can bring her up to speed real fast: Grace and Frankie’s husbands both leave them, for the other’s husband, and then long-time fremenies Grace and Frankie move to the beach together.

While we’d love a 9 to 5 reunion in 9 to 5 world, Parton stopping by Grace and Frankie is basically the second best thing. In sum: We NEED Parton to stop by for a reunion. Here’s why:

1. Because 9 to 5 is all about that great female friendship

In the movie the three are coworkers don’t exactly take to one another right off the bat. But soon after realizing they all share a common enemy (their boss) the three band together to take him down. There’s no backstabbing or bickering, or calling each other the ‘b’ word. They are all in this together, and the men in their lives barely play a part. 9 to 5 passes the Bechdel Test with flying colors.

2. It’s also high up on our ‘Favorite Feminist Movies’ list

To say that their boss, Mr. Hart, is the worst is no understatement. He’s the worst. He’s like if Don Draper didn’t have an ounce of a soul. Through a very comical series of events, the ladies get the upper hand on Hart, and start making changes in the office (like, opening up a daycare center for working moms!).

3. They could dress like their characters from the movie

We’re imagining a scenario where Grace and Frankie just come across a trunk of old clothing, and play dress up, for fun. We’re talking fabulous patterned blouses and huge, giant glasses. Also, BIG HAIR.

4. Remember that time they left work to go drown their sorrows in the middle of the day?

After admitting a little bit of defeat, the three girls head to the bar to complain and moan in the middle of the day. They just storm out of work! It’s this moment that really solidifies their friendship. We need more bonding moments like this one.

5. The three could accidentally steal a dead body again

At one point in 9 to 5, they steal a dead body. They think it’s their boss, though, so they’re totally justified in kidnapping him from the hospital. Stealing a dead body is most definitely something I could see Grace and Frankie accidentally do, now aided by special-guest star Dolly.

6. Because I’ve had “I’ve been working nine to fiiiiiiiive” stuck in my head for 25 years

OK, maybe not 25 years, but close. Parton actually recorded the theme song for the movie. Basically, this would be a perfect opportunity for her to sing a little something for us, with the help of Tomlin and Fonda.

7. This line can have a resurgence, which you can interpret as you want

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