9 throwback costumes that prove Halloween is the best excuse to ~kick it old school~

No one wants to be just another costume in a sea of the expected. And a great way to add depth to your costume is to make it a throwback! These throwback Halloween costumes make us so instantly nostalgic. There’s just something about rocking your favorite childhood character’s look that really makes ~the spookiest holiday~ of the year so much more fun.

Because, seriously, why look like everyone else when you can DIY a throwback Halloween costume and become instant friends with someone else who loved the same character?! Whether you go for a ’90s Halloween costume or go even further back in pop culture history, there’s really no way to go wrong.

1. Like, check out this ode to Clueless.


2. This ah-mazing Mean Girls tribute.

3. Our favorite ~skater girl~ ever


4. And the most flawless Deb

5. This epic Saved By The Bell costume

6. And this one!

7. Plus this hilarious Doug.

8. This TLC costume is so, so great

9. And we’re fangirling over this Grease costume

TBH, throwback costumes are some of the best costumes. We dig these so much!

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