9 thoughts everyone with saggy boobs has had

The saggy boob theories have been debunked, and doctors have reassured us that bras do not cause breast cancer*Whew!* But, while many are embracing their uniquely shaped jugs, there are some of us who still have those lingering, and annoying grievances with our uneven, gravity defying breasts.

Let’s have take a moment to reflect on 9 frequent thoughts that everyone with saggy boobs has had – big or small.

1. “I should’ve worn that stupid bra at night.”


2. And if you have kids… “Breastfeeding is definitely the culprit.”

3. “A boob job costs how much, again?”

4. “Strapless? Yeah, right.”

5. “Boob tape. I need boob tape.”

6. And when adjusting… “Always lift from the nipple.”

7. “Support! Support! Support!”

8. “Definitely sisters, and not twins.”

9. “Eh, but they have personality.”


Even with all of the gripes, we still manage to love our breasts. And that’s what body positivity is all about.

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