9 things people who hate hot weather can still love about summer

Hi-ya, summer haters. It’s hotter than hell outside, which means that, most likely, for the next few months you’ll be a sweaty, stinky, melting mess, no matter how many showers you take. Despite all that, you can put your hate of hot weather to the side on some occasions because — gasp — there are actually still things about the summer season that you will love.

We get it: Heat waves have no mercy on humankind, and neither do the hordes of stinging bugs that are eager to make a meal out of you. (Seriously, can they not?) Basically, it’s not hard to come up with all the reasons summer can be a bummer. For instance, it’s hard to cool down and stay cool, the heat can be kind of oppressive, and don’t even get us started on the anxiety the warm weather brings when you’re struggling to maintain your composure while makeup is literally sliding off your face. THAT’S ACTUAL MONEY YOU’RE JUST SWEATING OFF, GUYS. IT’S FAIR TO BE MAD.

So yeah, many of us are currently grappling with humidity-induced malaise, and we feel your pain. However, for those of you who aren’t exactly swimming in summery ~vibes~, there are still some saving graces to this season you love to hate.

1More hours of daylight.

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OK, this sounds like one big fat contradiction because these seemingly endless hot days feel like the bane of your existence, but you gotta admit: These extra hours of daylight do come with some benefits. For one thing, winter’s pitch black skies at 5 p.m. do a number on your mind and body clock (is it time for bed already?!). Plus, how bad does it suck to go to work and not get off in time to enjoy a little bit of sunlight? We might hate the heat, but we definitely don’t hate sunlight.

2Better driving conditions.

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Save the occasional storm, driving from point A to point B during the summer is waayy less complicated than more meteorologically challenging seasons. This is something that even someone who hates hot weather can appreciate.

3Using hot weather as an excuse to get out of doing stuff.

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People trying to drag you out into hell on Earth to attend a party, go shopping, or hang out can’t possibly deny that doing anything when temps are high enough to literally bake a person is miserable. So they’re far more likely to take pity on you and leave you to the confines of your cool, comfortable indoor spot. Hot days = flaking forgiveness.

4Going to the beach.

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Unless you’re a dedicated participant in the Polar Bear Plunge who actually enjoys swimming in the Arctic waters, taking a dip in the pool or in the ocean is *so* much more gratifying when it’s scorching hot outside. Arguably the only good thing about the heat are the rare moments when you can get in water and offset it.

5Showing off your summer wardrobe.


Yeah, yeah, we know how much you lurve that thick winter sweater, but we also know how secretly excited you are to exchange all that drab, heavy clothing for a chic summer outfit. There’s something really uplifting about wearing bright summery colors, plus jumpsuits, sundresses, cut-offs, tank tops, and sandals are way less restricting than cold weather clothes. Plus, it takes like 3 seconds to throw on a summer dress, as opposed to the 14 hours it takes to layer up in cold weather.

6Road trips.

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You’ll probably have to blast the AC most of the way, increase your travel budget to make up for higher gas prices, and drive with the tips of your fingers until the steering wheel cools off, BUT none of that will matter when you and your besties are out on the open road, giddy, gladly disconnected from the rest of the world and pretending to be Britney Spears in Crossroads.

7All the fresh fruit you can eat.

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Those slices of orange, watermelon, and all the other fruit you craved the ENTIRE time it was too cold to find any at the local farmer’s market are now available for the taking. We’ll take all of it, thanks (as we sit directly in front of our air conditioners).

8Cookouts, barbecues, and bonfires.

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We get it: IT’S SO HAWWWT outside, but if you’re gonna be sweaty, at least you can perspire in the company of others who just want to chill, dance to the anthem of the summer, and fill their bellies with good food and refreshing cocktails. The heat is actually the only bad part of summer’s particular brand of parties, which are otherwise so wonderful.

9Hearing The Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff’s “Summertime”


Even if you hate hot weather, hearing this song on the radio will make you surrender to the heat and welcome summer with open arms. This is just a fact of life.

It’s fine to not have a full-fledged love affair with summer, but at least admit to yourself (if not to anyone else) that this season is actually pretty, for lack of a better word, fire.

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