9 super easy Thanksgiving recipes for when you suck at cooking

We all want to be Ina Garten, but most of us end up way more like Bridget Jones making that birthday dinner (you know the scene we’re talking about). So if you love food like we do, but don’t know where to begin this Thanksgiving, we’ve got you covered with nine super easy Thanksgiving recipes for when you suck at cooking.

Some of these recipes may appear intimidating at first, but we promise we’ve scavenged the web for the most simple, user-friendly recipes that will absolutely make you look like a rock star this year. Or at the very least, not actively be a disaster (and isn’t that all we can really hope for when it comes to cooking giant meals for tons of people?). And remember,  we have faith in you!

Five-Minute Spinach Artichoke Dip


Not only is this delicious, but it can be made in about five minutes and entails just throwing everything into the microwave. It’s a non-cooking lover’s dream!



We know that Turkey may seem totally scary to make! We mean. did you see that episode of New Girl? But we promise that if you follow Laura Vitale’s video, you’ll have a turkey you can be proud of!



We personally believe that nothing is better than a sweet piece of cornbread Thanksgiving day, and with this recipe, it won’t even take that much work.

Charcuterie Platter


Have you ever seen one of those perfect Charcuterie boards and thought that the person who made it must have everything in their life perfectly together? You may think you’re incapable of making a Pinterest-worthy spread, but we’re here to help! Because everyone deserves to feel like an Instagram star on Thanksgiving.

Vegan Sweet Potato Mash


Whether you’re vegan, or just love delicious food, we definitely recommend you give this simple sweet potato mash a try! All of the spices will make you feel warm and cozy and it’s the perfect way to change things up on the big day.

Basic Mashed Potatoes


If you’re totally not a fan of vegan mash or sweet potatoes we’ve got you covered with this old fashioned, crazy easy recipe.

Three-Step Gravy


Nothing is better than gravy! So why use a processed can version when you can make a homemade version. Forget about passing the gravy, your family will be debating over who gets the last drop.

Quick and Easy Cranberry Sauce


We know, we know: Cranberry sauce should be super easy to make. But we just want to make sure you have the most authentic recipe! Who knew putting oranges in cranberry sauce would enhance the flavor?!

The Easiest Pumpkin Pie Recipe on the Planet


Did you think we were going to forget about pumpkin pie?! We’re pretty sure Thanksgiving doesn’t exist without it. So instead of stressing over how to make one, just impress everyone you know with this deceptively simple recipe.

These are the basics to get you started on the easiest Thanksgiving recipes. If you want to get fancy you can also venture into Thanksgiving desserts. Let the odds be ever in your favor!

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