Why Ewan McGregor is the Most Crushable Man in Hollywood

Ewan McGregor, everyone. His crushability has spanned decades. From his star-making turn as Mark Renton in 1996’s Trainspotting to his most recent off-the-cuff cameo in A Million Ways to Die in the West, we’ve been swooning for the handsome Scot for many of his 43 years. He’s charming, talented, oh-so-cute, and we feel it in our guts, we just know he’s good at cooking. Here are nine other reasons he’s a be-kilted angel on earth.

1. He’s a little bit of an extreme goof. A wonderful thing about Ewan McGregor is that for a movie star who loves motorcycles and leather jackets and his rugged, rural lifestyle, and has frenched Nicole Kidman, he is not afraid to look uncool. Look at these dance moves. Look at this belly jigglin’. Look at these pigtails!

2. He’s an incredibly versatile performer. Singing, acting, dancing, stage, film, television—this guy has done it all. He played Sky Masterson in Guys and Dolls on London’s West End for TWO YEARS, as well as some of Shakespeare’s most famous roles, has appeared in a slew of Oscar-winning films and numerous documentaries about his round-the-world motorcycle trips and charitable efforts. Nothing makes us swoon like a Renaissance man.

3. He’s a good roommate. Good enough for Jude Law, anyway! The two of them co-habitated in 1990, sharing what can only be described as a Dreamboat Paradise.

4. He literally smells like .

5. He’s very chill about nudity. “Being naked is something that happens in either end of the day for me, and if you’re lucky, somewhere in the middle as well,” he’s said. “I don’t understand why it’s an issue.”

6. He’s very chill about almost everything. On sexuality in film: “I’m always interested in playing different people, in different situations. It doesn’t matter to me whether someone is in love with a man or a woman. I find the idea of love and romance interesting.” On writing an autobiography: “I haven’t got anything to talk about. It would be really boring.” On reprising his role as Obi-Wan in the Star Wars films: “I guess, yeah, of course. If they need me, yeah, I’d be happy [to go back].”

7. DAT ACCENT, DOE The Scottish hearthrob is at his heartthrobbiest when he’s cutting loose in interviews in his native dialect.

8. He’s outspoken about sexism in Hollywood. McGregor has said he’s bothered by the increasing age disparity in the films he’s cast in. “I’m getting older and the actresses stay younger,” he said. “I don’t want to become Clint Eastwood, where his love interests seem 50 years younger than him.”

9. Moulin Freakin’ Rouge The pinnacle in McGregor Cuteness achievement. COME WHAT MAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY. I WILL LOVE EW, TIL MY DYYYYYYYIIIIINGGGGG DAYYYYYY!!!!!