9 natural detox foods your body will love you for after Thanksgiving weekend

Thanksgiving week may be over, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need to detox from all the Thanksgiving food we’ve consumed. Hopefully you’re at the end of the leftovers you’ve been bringing for lunch and you’ve made use of those canned biscuits wasting away in the fridge. Once all the indulging is over, you may be feeling sluggish, bloated, or just generally blah-tastic. If that is the case, a natural detox may be in order! Detox foods will allow you to reset your body, clear out your system, and get you up and running at full capacity again.

Here are some of our favorite natural detox tricks and detox foods:

Lemons & Lemon Juice

Lemons are renowned for their incredible detoxing properties. Simply adding cut up lemon or fresh lemon juice to your water will help your digestive system reboot and is a great digestive trick to keep in your back pocket for when your tummy is feeling less than stellar. Drink lemon water at the beginning of the day for particularly effective results!


  Hit the cocktail bar too heavily during the Thanksgiving holiday? Grapefruit can remedy that. Head to the grocery store and pick up some grapefruit if you’re feeling like your liver has been working overtime; it will clear fats from your liver and provide you with some much-needed fiber. Just be aware that grapefruit is infamous for interacting with many prescription drugs, so if you’re on a maintenance medication be sure to do research before trying out this detox food.

Cayenne Pepper Tea

  Adding spices to your tea may seem weird, but it is often used to flush the body of toxins and wipe all the ick out (that’s a techinical term). Adding cayenne to your tea also boosts additional affects like potentially increased immunity and weight loss.

Pineapple Water

  Pineapple water is supposed to help you curb your appetite and knock out sugar cravings. After all the overeating done during Thanksgiving week, this Coconut Pineapple Water recipe may be just what you need.

Green Tea

  Benefit from antioxidants and kick those free radicals to the curb with green tea. This common drink has some serious health benefits and can be enjoyed either hot or cold!


Love it or hate it, kale is a serious superfood. With tons of nutrients and the ability to flush out your kidneys, kale is a must-have if you’re attempting a natural detox. You can use it in soups, salads, or smoothies; the options are essentially limitless.


 If you’re not in tea overload yet, you may want to add some lemongrass to your tea. If you hate tea or become sick of it while conducting your natural detox, you can use lemongrass in your food. Lemongrass can flush out not only your kidneys, but your digestive tract and bladder as well. Plus, what’s not to love about an all-natural herb that can also help clear your complexion?


  Wheatgrass smoothies have long been a part of the diets of models and A-listers, but perhaps they should earn a spot in all of our recipe rotations. Wheatgrass has alkaline properties that will help you feel awesome, cleanse your liver, and will also lower your blood sugar! Not to mention, wheatgrass has been known to boost metabolisms, so that is an added bonus when pushing through the gluttonous holiday season.


  It sounds silly to say water is a detox food, but it totally is! Don’t forget the natural goodness that comes right out of your faucet. Drinking adequate amounts of water will curb hunger, clear your complexion, boost energy, and help your digestive system run better. Plus, it’ll help rehydrate you after all that salt and butter in the leftovers you’ve been enjoying.

If a post-Turkey Day detox is just what you need, be sure to do it in a healthy manner. Shedding the holiday bloat, like anything else, is best done responsibly.

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