9 movies on Netflix right now that will distract you and cheer you up

We’ll admit it: times are tough. And while it’s so, so important to stay active in politics and the world around us (even when it’s not presidential election season!), we get that sometimes you need to pull back for a bit in the name of self care. And what better way to get in a little bit of self care with ease than with one of the amazingly distracting movies on Netflix right now?

Take a pause, grab a friend or your cat or your bae, and get to watching. Take a break from this world, and hop over to a new one. Hopefully you’ll emerge feeling at least a little bit better than you do now!

Here are some of our faves!

1Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging

This. Movie. Is. Amazing. It’s soft and cute and innocent, and the perfect distraction. Based on the straight up *hilarious* young adult series, this is the perfect way to get some giggles going.

210 Things I Hate About You

We love this movie for all the reasons. It’s always a solid pick.

3Princess Protection Program

Need something light and silly? This cheesy movie featuring baby Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato is a must.

4Begin Again

There’s something about the music in this movie that draws us to it time and time again when we need to distract ourselves. It’s so gorgeous, and so calming.

5Kiss Me

Get a little love in your life with this entrancing Swedish romance between two totally gorgeous women.

6How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days

Talk about a classic romantic comedy. Grab your besties, makes some hot chocolate, and curl up.

7All About E

This movie is like, sort of terrible, but in the absolute best way. It’s gripping and yet super light-hearted, and tells a love story through an adventure tale. Plus, its main character is a queer woman of color.

8The Little Prince

If you need a good cry and want something uplifting in your life, grab some popcorn and get to it.


While this movie gets pretty intense, it’ll really suck you in and make you think about the world a little differently.

We hope you find something new to love from this list of our fave movies on Netflix right now!

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