9 insane hot chocolates you need in your life right now

It’s too cold for just about anything right now. The good news is, hot chocolate makes everything better. (Even hot cocoa-flavored Oreos, and let’s face it, those delicious little cookies didn’t even need improvement.) Of course, you can always make your favorite totally unique cocoa recipe. Or you could fancy up one of those store-bought packets. On a day like today, you might even be tempted to go all out and stir together one of these alcoholic versions. But let’s be honest: one of the great joys of guzzling hot cocoa is being rewarded for braving the elements. These over-the-top hot chocolates are totally worth putting on pants – and mittens, because brr.

Salted caramel hot chocolate


Unicorn hot chocolate

In case you missed this magical unicorn hot chocolate when it stole our hearts last month… yeah, we’re still totally crushing.

Cookie Monster hot chocolate

To paraphrase the Sesame Street character we relate to most of all… WE WANT COOKIE.

Matcha white hot chocolate


The matcha makes it healthy, right? (Psst… if you really want to stay under the duvet, you can grab the recipe here.)

Belgian chili hot chocolate

Smooth and spicy, just the way we like it…

Cake batter hot chocolate

Batter-flavored cocoa is basically like licking the bowl and never having to stop. Oh yes.

The “most Instagrammable” hot chocolate

If you care for a little cocoa with your marshmallow, this one’s for you. (Those marshmallows, though…)

Totally customized hot chocolate

Not that we’re trying to influence your decision – they do have 24 variations to choose from – but you can get an Oreo rim. For real.

And a hot chocolate so boozy, it got this snowman drunk

But then, what else would you expect from an Irish tapas restaurant?

Whether you venture out for a cold weather pick-me-up or snuggle down with your own DIY version, let’s all raise a glass to these inspiring cocoa creations.

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