Buy these items from Target’s new home decor line to make your place look Pinterest-worthy

Oh, Target, how we adore your perfectly priced home goods…even if we can never seem to escape your stores without spending our entire paycheck. It’s for good reason. Because no other retailer on the planet has as many incredible lamps, accent pillows, throws, home decor, and other knick-knacks assembled all in one succinct place, at such unbeatable prices. Which is why we tend to go a little berserk when picking up an item or two…or 12. We digress.

The Target powers are treating us to an early holiday gift, and bestowing their all-new Project 62 home goods line upon us. And my oh my, is it going to blow. your. mind.

Whether you’re an HGTV fanatic or a casual Pinterest bystander, Project 62’s got something for you. There’s pretty hammered hardware, millennial pink everything, and even a rose gold cocktail shaker. We repeat: a rose gold cocktail shaker!

Okay, so we want everything Target’s new line has to offer, but we must say these are the 9 items we might (read: already did) blow our savings on to bring home.

1Round Decorative Wall Mirror in Brass, $50


This mirror needs to be in our house, like, yesterday.

2Elephant Figure in Gold, $17


Found: the most adorable addition to your work-space.

3Pessac Curved Back Slipper Chair in Scallop Pink, $299


Imagine all the Instagram poses you could strike on this bad boy.

4Geometirc Succulent Wall Hanger, $13


Do you really even adult if you don’t own a succulent?

5Manila Cylinder Drum Accent Table, $90


Hammered metal is a mega homeware trend right now, and this is *not* a shabby price for such a special piece.

6Home with the Heart Typography Doormat, $13


This will definitely dress up your front door.

7Rose Gold Cocktail Shaker, $13


For shaking the most millennial cocktail of all time.

8Marble Cheese Slicer, $20


Just think how incredible this beauty will look in your kitchen.

9Mongolian Faux Fur Throw Blanket in Pink, $35


We’d like to go ahead and snuggle up with this fuzzy blanket right this second.

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