9 delicious gingerbread recipes to add something sweet and spicy to your holiday party

As we work on our ~adulting~ skills, one thing we’ve actually become pretty competitive about is our holiday party foods. We want the best of the best, from the best holiday party appetizers to the most decadent holiday party desserts, and we want everyone to ooh and aah over our creations. Is it silly? Yes. But is it true? Heck yes. And this year we want to step up our game with classic, and scrumptious, gingerbread recipes.

Here’s a few of the recipes we plan to try out this holiday season, because, honestly, what’s better than a dessert that’s both sweet and loaded with festive spices? Nothing, that’s what! Dig in, friends.

1These classic gingerbread cookies are a must for every holiday party


2These snowflake gingerbread cookies are classy as heck

3This vegan gingerbread is a perfectly inclusive twist on a fave


4These homemade gingerbread larabar balls with cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and nutmeg

5This sweet little gingerbread latte is the warmth we need on these chilly days


6These absolutely adorable frosted gingerbread cookies are so cute, and vegan, too

7These mini gluten free gingerbread cookies are lightly dusted with sugar


8These gingerbread cupcakes with cinnamon ducle de leche frosting are ah-mazing

9This gingerbread cake is giving us all the feels, and it’s actually gorgeous

Good luck baking! We hope you find a few new favorite gingerbread recipes to wow your squad this holiday season.

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