9 Foods We Love That Are Surprisingly Healthy

Although hot cocoa is not seen as a health food, BBC recently published an article touting some surprising benefits of drinking this delicious beverage, stating that, “A study of 60 elderly people with no dementia found two cups of cocoa a day improved blood flow to the brain in those who had problems to start with.”

As a chocolate lover, this was especially exciting for me. The reason for the improved cognition is believed to be due to the high flavanol content of cocoa. Flavanols are a naturally occurring antioxidant that promote health by helping the body fight free radicals. They also help to prevent blood clots and reduce LDL cholesterol.

If this isn’t exciting enough for you yet, I’ve compiled a list of nine other surprisingly healthy foods. Whether you like savory foods or you’ve got a sweet tooth like me, there is a healthy indulgence sure to please your taste buds.

Do you have a favorite surprisingly healthy foods and which, if any, surprised you most?