9 Disney DIY Halloween costumes you can throw together in minutes

OMG, can you believe that Halloween is just around the corner? We know you are so excited for the candy-filled holiday, but you might not be ready for the costume portion of the night. Luckily, we’ve got you covered (especially if you’re a Disney lover).

We’ve found the best Disney DIY Halloween costumes that you can throw together in a matter of minutes, so all you costume procrastinators out there can breathe easy.

In fact, all these Disney-inspired costumes can be made with a lot of items that you already have in your closet. Sure, you might have to buy a few items, but for the most part you already have everything you need so, yay!

Check out all the fabulous costumes that are sure to make you the talk of your Halloween party — or the neighborhood favorite as you trick-or-treat — this Halloween below.

1. Darla — Finding Nemo


Darla might’ve been a pain in everyone’s butt in Finding Nemo, but her look was adorable and totally memorable. To pull off the fish killer’s look, all you need is a purple sweatshirt and jeans or overalls. For your hair, simply pull it up into pigtails and carry a fake fish in a plastic bag to complete the look. Bonus points if you have braces, or wear fake ones!

2. Flora, Fauna & Merryweather — Sleeping Beauty


What’s better than one Fairy Godmother? How about three! For this adorable fairy costume, pick a color, either blue, green or pink and get a dress in that color. Add a fun tutu that is the same color and don’t forget your matching cape. To finish the look add a witch-style hat, and a wand to grant wishes.

3. Boo — Monsters, Inc.

Seriously, Boo is so freaking cute and an easy costume to pull off. Grab an oversized pink shirt (like one you’d sleep in), throw on purple leggings or jeans, put your hair in pigtails and then grab a stuffed animal monster, or Sully doll.

4. Snow White — Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


There are a lot of ways to look like Snow White, but we’d opt for the simplest version. All you need for this iconic character is a yellow skirt, or bottom, blue top, red headband, and of course an apple.

5. Minnie & Mickey

Ah, we love this spin on the famous characters, Minnie and Mickey. For this costume, both people need a black top, red bottom and white gloves. For Minnie you should rock a red skirt (possibly with polka dots) and for Mickey sport red shorts. To complete the look just add mouse ears and you’ll look perfect.

6. Belle — Beauty and the Beast

The intelligent Belle is always a good idea. Grab a blue dress and throw it on over a white shirt. Next, add a white apron over the dress and tie it all together with a blue hair ribbon in your ponytail. Oh, and don’t forget to carry a book wherever you go.

7. Mary Poppins — Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins is such a fun costume idea and it’s not that hard to recreate. What you’ll need to pull it off is a white button-down shirt, black skirt, black tights, heels, hat and a red bowtie. You can’t forget an umbrella and maybe a spoonful of sugar, you know to help the medicine go down.

8. Tinker Bell & Peter Pan — Peter Pan

This is such an easy couple’s costume that both you and your bae will love. For Tinker Bell all you need is a green dress, green shoes (ideally slippers) and wings, which you could make or buy at any costume store. If you’re dressing as Peter, you need a lot of green clothing, including a shirt, tights (or pants) and a green felt hat.

9. Doc — Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

We couldn’t do just one character from Snow White! To achieve Doc’s look you’ll need a yellow beanie, white pants, and a red shirt. Add a fake pickaxe, paper-made diamonds and glasses. For the full effect, stuff a pillow under your shirt for your stomach and rock a grey beard.

So no more need to worry about the costume. Just throw one of these easy ideas together and focus on having a great Halloween!