9 of the best reactions to Taylor Swift’s new single, “Call It What You Want”

It happened, and we weren’t ready for it: Taylor Swift dropped her newest single, “Call It What You Want,” tonight, and the internet predictably had zero chill.

Serving as (basically) a love letter to her boyfriend Joe Alwyn, “Call It What You Want” marks Swift’s fourth track debut from her upcoming sixth studio album, Reputation, which drops on November 10th. The song joins the ranks of the pop singer’s already released “Look What You Made Me Do,” “…Ready For It?” and “Gorgeous,” all three of which amassed all the feels among Taylor fans.

Lead-up to the arrival of “Look What You Made Me Do” prompted internet frenzy — the “Blank Space” singer wiped her social media accounts clean (igniting fan freak-outs of WHAT COULD THIS MEAN?) and re-uploaded teaser images of snakes, all hinting at Reputation. And once the album art dropped, dedicated fans took a deep-dive into possible secret meanings behind the choker Swift dons on the cover, analyzing symbolic meanings as if her attire was the topic of a college thesis. Hey, no judgment here. We wholeheartedly understand that fandoms are very serious business.

Below are the best reactions to the arrival of “Call It What You Want.”




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Same, Twitter. Same.

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