9 adorable (and funny!) cat Christmas cards to send your cat loving pals

Somehow it’s already time to deck our entire lives out in twinkling lights and ornaments, and it’s also time to step up our adulting with the ultimate grown up act: sending Christmas cards. But, well, we’re still us, so the only cards we wanna send are cat Christmas cards! We have so many cat-obsessed friends (and baes!) that it’s also just a logical choice to stock up on cat Christmas cards, and these ones are so cute, and also so hilarious.

When it comes to Christmas cards, the more unexpected, the better, and for a truly awesome Christmas card, you just have to get some kittens involved. And these ones are totally precious!

1. This adorable, simple card comes in a set of 8 ($18)


2. This “Meowy Christmas” card is literally adorable ($4)


3. This card is way too funny, and way too true ($4)


4. This super sweet black and red card is chic AF ($4)


5. This set of kitten cards also comes with some pups! ($20)


6. This tree made of cats is an actual dream ($4)


7. This cat rolling around in catnip is so, so cute ($4)


8. This set of NSFW cat Christmas cards is perf ($18)


9. This “purrito” is actually precious ($5)


Just know that if you send one of these, you can pretty much expect a Christmas card featuring your bestie and their favorite kitten(s)! But who doesn’t want more cat selfies?!