This 86-Year-Old Grandma Will Steal Your Man

Earlier this week, Beyonce snatched the cover of TIME magazine and its title of “Most Influential” because, well, duh. Bey has risen, yet again. The world also congratulated (and celebrated) Drew Barrymore as she welcomed her new daughter, Frankie Barrymore Kopelman. High fives all around on a solid seven days!

Celebrate National Pretzel Day a bit(e) too hard? Here’s something that’ll help pass time while in that self-induced food coma: an all new “The Week In WHAT?!

Sassy Grandma Knows How to Work It Out

Watch out, Sneaker Grandma! There’s a new kid on your block, and she’s ready to claim the “cool granny” throne on social media. The 86-year-old known as @baddiewinkle on Twitter already has 170,000 followers having only tweeted 53 times to-date. What makes her so lovable? Well, her profile currently reads: “stealing your man since 1928.” Based on this photo, she’s not kidding either. Give it up for octogenarians going viral in a good way.

Doing It Like They Do on the Discovery Channel

Bunnies all over the world had a big day on Easter Sunday, but two rabbits decided to put in overtime during their 15 minutes of fame. The fluffy duo appeared on the morning newscast of East Tennessee’s WBIR. While representing their favorite holiday, one decided to pounce on the other, and in the heat of the moment they started getting jiggy with it on the anchors’ desk. Hopefully things weren’t uncomfortable between the two when they returned to their friends and family on the bunny farm.

Baby Bump? More Like Baby Lunk!

The hits keep on coming for Planet Fitness. It appears the gym with the heavily advertised “no lunks” policy enforces their rules rather strictly. A pregnant customer in South Carolina unwittingly became their latest target when a staff member noticed the woman’s visible midriff and told her to leave. While the club insists the woman violated its dress code, she has proof she’s worn the same outfit in the club before without complaint — she’s even wearing it in her membership photo (awkward, much?). She believes the location sounded its “Lunk Alarm” primarily because of her baby bump and said that night “was the first time I attended the gym while noticeably pregnant.” Could the gatekeepers of the so-called “Judgement Free Zone” be the lunkiest lunks of all?

Frialated Before Their Time

French fry lovers are in mourning for 40,000 pounds of Burger King fries after a truck carrying the taters burst into flames. Police believe the truck’s breaks overheated while en route from Canada in the lead up to the fire. The potatoes were headed straight for the mouths of New Jersey consumers, but burnt out in Maine, failing to complete their life’s mission. Rest in peace, you darling Canadian spuds! You’ll surely be missed.

And there you have this week in “WHAT?!” Can’t wait to see what’s in store for humanity next!

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