This ’80s Mark Ruffalo Clearasil commercial is everything

Is there anything we love more than pulling out old footage to embarrass celebrities? Definitely not when it’s as good as this. Mark Ruffalo was a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night and they discussed some of his iconic roles, including one that we probably all missed.

Mark Ruffalo explained that his kids have two very important conditions when it comes to the roles their father accepts. One, he’s not allowed to play someone else’s dad (okay, that’s adorable) and two, he’s not allowed to play someone else’s husband (even more adorable). Don’t tell his kids, but he’s definitely broken those rules once or twice. However, as Jimmy points out, there is one past role that definitely falls within those guidelines.

In 1989, one of Mark Ruffalo’s first acting gigs was in a Clearasil commercial for fighting tough acne. It’s so painfully ’80s that Jimmy couldn’t resist resurrecting it and surprising Ruffalo by playing it on the show. We’re so happy he did, because it’s casually the most amazing thing we’ve ever seen.

Watch the commercial below!

(Image via YouTube)