’80s comic strips that hate Mondays the MOST: A definitive ranking

You know who hates Mondays more than anyone? ’80s comic strips. Seriously. It’s really their least favorite day of the week. Like, it’s such a problem for them, they’ve broadcast their distaste for the day on coffee mugs and a one-a-day calendars. It’s that bad. It’s weird because you’d think they’d be more stressed out by Sundays—that’s really their big work day what with the Sunday comics and all. But no, it’s Mondays. Mondays really get to them. Some more than others. So, let’s take a look at who really hates Mondays the most, shall we?

7. The Shoebox Greeting card lady: She is not a fan.

6. Cathy: Cathy is, like, super-busy on Mondays. Check out that pile of papers she has to deal with.

This calls for an Ack.

5. Calvin, Hobbes’ best bud: Calvin’s working for the weekend. Always.

4. Dilbert: Don’t even get him started on Mondays! It’s his hiding day.

3. The Peanuts Gang: I get why Charlie Brown doesn’t want to deal with Mondays (cue wop, wop teacher voice.) But what are Snoopy and Woodstock so upset about? Is it more strenuous to lounge on top of a doghouse on Mondays? Just saying.

OK, it’s definitely a lame day to fly a kite. We’ll give Snoops that.

2. Ziggy. Poor little guy. His life is one big Monday.

It’s kind of his schtick so he can’t really give it up now. What with all the mugs and such.

1. Garfield: Sorry Zigster. Garfield wins in the I-Hate-Mondays competition we just made up. Out of all the comic strips, he probably hates Monday the most. Just look at what the thought of it does to his fur.

This is totally the kind of thing that happens to him on Mondays. (Yeah, he goes into an office, OK?)

And this, this toothpaste thing ALWAYS happens on Mondays!

He’ll leave you with these words, which you are more than welcome to print out in poster-size and hang on your wall:

Chin up, G. You’re going to pull through this. We all are.

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