Blake Lively got a perm and she looks exactly like your fave ’80s and ’90s rom-com heroines

There is nothing that doesn’t look good on Blake Lively. She could walk out of the house wearing a cardboard box and would still end up on all the Best Dressed lists out there. Yet, though her fashion is literal perfection, that isn’t all we admire about Blake. Because her entire being is like that of a rom-com leading lady – her hair especially.

Recently, Lively came out with a perm-like hairstyle that’s making us all want to run to the hair salon right this second. That’s especially because Blake’s new ‘do reminds us of the ’80s and ’90s stars we grew up with. Let’s review, shall we?

We’re especially excited that Blake’s new hair reminds us of Teen Witch. This is extra special because Lively’s sister Robyn played Louise Miller, the lead role. Now let’s marvel at these sisterly vibes:

If Blake were crying here, we have a feeling that she’d immediately be cast in a modern version of When Harry Met Sally.

And, of course, there’s Julia Roberts, whose hair should receive its own line in the credits of all her movies.

Both Blake Lively and Sarah Jessica Parker have hair that’s the color of sunshine.

Blake even has hoops on, à la Olivia Newton-John in Grease!

Nobody puts Blake in the corner.

We’ll just leave this here for you…

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