This 8-year-old hockey goalie danced in full uniform on the ice and was extremely excellent

The last time we checked, there wasn’t much dancing involved in hockey. But since we cannot stop marveling at this 8-year-old hockey goalie dancing in full gear on the ice, maybe someone should start a petition for the sport to include impromptu get-your-groove-on breaks.

Seeing this kid break it all the way down to Zay Hilfigerrr and Zayion McCall’s “JuJu on that Beat” is probably the most eye-catching hockey moment we’ve seen since a bride wore her wedding dress to a hockey game.

According to The Daily Dot, this cute kid who absolutely killed it on the ice is Noah Young. As a member of Canada’s Brampton Beasts, Young apparently felt it his responsibility to get the crowd pumped before a recent playoff game. Not to be stopped by stage fright, embarrassment, wonky blades or possibly face-planting in front of everyone, young Noah skated to the middle of the rink, where he served as his own hype man before hitting the “JuJu on that Beat” like a boss:

Since his dancing video was shared on Facebook, it’s gone viral with over four million views and counting. And according to WJAC TV, the young goalie’s dance moves made such an impression on New Jersey Devils’ goaltender Keith Kincaid and fellow teammate Adam Henrique that Kincaid challenged Young to a dance-off on Twitter.

While Young is more than ready to embrace his viral fame, his mom Paige Rowswell is focused on keeping her son’s head out of the clouds.

“He just thought he could maybe stay up past bedtime and have a chocolate bar late and I was like, ‘No, sorry, you can’t,’” she said.

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Oh well, Noah. Listen to your mom and make sure you stay out of trouble. We need you to show up and kill it for the major dance challenge that awaits you.