8 Ways ‘The Vampire Diaries’ could say good-bye to Elena, from least to most ridiculous

Tonight, after six seasons, The Vampire Diaries will say good-bye to Elena Gilbert, possibly meaning that Damon will have to start a LiveJournal to keep the show title honest. Fans now have a better idea of exactly how the last Gilbert standing will exit, since (serious spoiler alert) she’s permanently hung up her fangs just in time to break in her new humanity with some crushing injuries, but that doesn’t mean Miss Gilbert will be heading out in a coffin. Here are a few options for Elena’s dramatic exit, ranging from definite possibilities to ideas plucked from only the darkest fan fiction corners.

8. Death Becomes Her

And this is why you should hang on to your immortality, kids. Yes, Elena chose a normal life over living forever (Fame!) but she really should have held off on knocking back the cure until she was out of Mystic Falls, where a small gathering of family and friends has a 70% chance of needing medical attention.

7. Girlfriend in a Coma

Using only the non-supernatural powers of medicine Mystic Falls docs are able to save Elena’s life, but warn her friends that she might never wake up. With the help of a waxy Nina Dobrev dummy season seven can be full of a super sad, but still hopeful Damon vowing to save her somehow (possibly in time for a series finale guest star spot?).

6. Anywhere But Here

Walking up from her post-wedding injuries Elena realizes Mystic Falls is no place for someone without magical healing powers and catches the next bus to anywhere else. She promises to Skype Damon often (off camera) but wants to settle into her new human life before throwing her centuries old boyfriend into the mix.

5. Tonight the Role Will Be Played By…

Or maybe Elena isn’t going anywhere? TVD spin-off The Originals found a nifty work around when the actress playing one of the original siblings had to split-shove Rebecca’s spirit into another (actress’) body. Sure it seems like it might be an exclusively vampire-witch trick, but Bonnie can do anything, right?

4. A New Kind of Hybrid

Elena has been a kind of supernatural smorgasbord. She was a doppelgänger, turned vampire with a sire bond, turned human with a time traveling cure. Maybe it’s time for another loopy one-in-a-million transformation? I hope it has wings (and again, since Dobrev is definitely going, a different face).

3. Better Than a Cloak

After Elena’s little near death experience Bonnie decides the best way to safe guard her BFF’s life is to use a spell to make her invisible. Permanently! I hope Ian Somerhalder has been practicing his mime-style make-out sessions.

2. It’s a Twin Thing

There is a dead Elena-like body at the wedding, but it was just another one of those crazy doppelgangers! Elena’s in a small town that’s never even heard of vampires studying for the MCATs. She’ll text Damon when it’s safe to follow.

1. Time to Get Crafty

After a lot of soul-searching, Elena decides medical school isn’t for her and books a one way ticket to join Jeremy at art school. She’s in for a probably super unpleasant surprise when she gets there, but she rolls with it, becoming a well-respected potter. The Salvatores buy a ton of her artisan soap dishes.

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