8 Ways to Take Corn on the Cob to the Next Level

I’m going to be super honest like I pretty much always am: I don’t really like plain corn on the cob. There. I said it. I think butter-and-salt corn on the cob is basic and boring, and I’m not super big on getting food stuck in my teeth—which is sad, because corn is such a summer staple! And like, what is more American than getting kernels lodged in between your teeth? I feel like a total punk being all, “no thanks, I’ll just have this hot dog by itself” at every BBQ. Tired of feeling lame, I looked up different ways to make corn on the cob a little bit more exciting. Here are my top eight (like MySpace, but better) corn on the cob recipes that will make you forget you ever even TOLERATED plain corn on the cob:

1. Mexican-style corn on the cob

Recipe from: The Seaside Baker 

I went on a day trip to Venice Beach a couple of weeks ago, and for dinner we just ate a bucket of Mexican-style corns. It was beautiful, creamy, and everything I ever wanted in a starch.

2. Chipotle lime corn on the cob

Recipe from: Uncommon Designs

This is a sister recipe to my favorite Mexican corn on the cob creation. It’s super similar, except this one uses Asiago cheese instead of Cotija cheese, and it also calls for a chipotle pepper, so it has a smokier taste!

 3. Smoky parmesan corn on the cob

Recipe from: The Endless Meal

Like the sounds of the first two recipes but are unsure about all that mayo? This recipe is slightly better for you. There’s still plenty of butter involved, but instead of smothering your corn with mayo, you just use a lot more spices.

4. Spicy hoisin and sesame glazed corn

Recipe from: Betsy Life

Meet your new favorite thing ever: Chinese food and corn on the cob fusion. Smothered in hoisin sauce, honey, lime juice, and toasted sesame seeds, this cob tastes more like stir-fry than the corn you’re used to.

5. Bacon-wrapped corn with chipotle honey glaze

Recipe from: Onion Rings and Things

Bacon-wrapped corn sounds like the greatest invention, ever (next to the bacon-wrapped hot dog, of course). Not only is this corn embraced by strips of bacon, it’s also slathered in chipotle and honey.

6. Basil parmesan grilled corn

Recipe from: What’s Gaby Cooking

It only makes sense to paint your corn with homemade basil vinaigrette and sprinkle some cheese on it (so much cheese in this post!).

7. Jamaican street corn

Recipe from: Diva Eats World

This corn on the cob recipe requires curry, cinnamon, and coconut flakes, so if you feel like eating something that tastes like your own personal Caribbean vacation, this is for you.

8. Corn on the cob with bacon butter

Recipe from: Recipe Boy

We’re going back to basics with this one, except by “basics” I mean “loads and loads of bacon and butter.”

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