8 ways to make your hair less greasy because the struggle is real

Makeup? Flawless. Outfit? On point. But then… there’s your hair. It’s sticking to your scalp and appears as if it’s been lathered in oil. Ew, right? Never mind the fact that you LITERALLY just washed it. Odds are you perceive it as being worse than it really is, but being self-conscious over your hair is a real struggle! We totally get it. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of ways to make your hair less greasy and more flawless! Courtesy of Bustle and The Frisky.

Condition the ends only.

Greasy hair is often caused by over-productive sebaceous glands. This means that sebum, the substance responsible for keeping your hair soft and waterproof, is to blame for your hair’s appearance. So, next time you condition, only apply from mid-shaft to the ends. This will also assure that your hair isn’t weighed down by the conditioner.

Use dry shampoo.


This one might be a no-brainer, but using dry shampoo can be more than beneficial when it comes to greasy hair. It absorbs the oil from your scalp and as a result you can go longer between washes.

Balance your brushing.


Brushing too much stimulates oil production. On the other hand, not brushing enough doesn’t allow your hair to distribute natural oils properly. Find a balance that works for your hair and stick to it.

Wash your hair less.


Sure, it doesn’t seem like the most reasonable suggestion. But, if you’re constantly ridding your hair of oils, it’s going to be replace them at an exponential rate.

Use baby powder.

If dry shampoo isn’t your cuppa, try baby powder since it works the same way. Sprinkle it on your roots and rub it in. If you have dark hair and the baby powder is visible, try mixing it with bronzer or cocoa powder.

Try not to touch your hair.


This one can be difficult, but do your best to not touch your hair and avoid styles that come in contact with your face. Your fingertips and face produce oil as well and these can be transferred to your hair.

Choose your products wisely (or cut them out completely).

You don’t need twenty different types of gel, trust us. If you’re sold on one or two products, that’s all well and good, but keep in mind that products meant to make hair appear “shiny” can actually make hair look even more greasy.

Avoid straightening your hair.


Straightening your hair makes it exposed to more oil. Curling your hair, on the other hand, gives your hair more volume at the roots.

Now you know! Hopefully some of these will help you keep that hair on point in the future.

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