8 Things We Hope To See on ‘Game of Thrones’ This Season

I’m a Game of Thrones fanatic, but I haven’t read the books. This is a curse as well as a blessing, since I’m dying to find out what happens, yet I’m thankful the story is being doled out to me in yearly doses. For once in my life, I am not allowing myself to read the books first because by nature, I would tell my fiancée and friends everything and ruin their lives. So, since I haven’t read the books, I HAVE NO IDEA what is going to happen. For all I know, everyone except King Joffrey dies, which honestly might happen at this point.

I want to talk about Game of Thrones because I seriously cannot wait until April. I watched the trailer for season four approximately twenty times and I still can’t get over how awesome it’s going to be. These are some things that I really want to see come April, when Game of Thrones has taken over my life. 

1. White Walkers in action

The “true war” or whatever that means, is supposedly going to be over what exists beyond The Wall, right? We already know that zombie-like creatures rule the glacier paths and they don’t seem very nice. What exactly are White Walkers and are we going to see them do scary things?

2. More Jon Snow Ygritte

I guess now that Jon Snow is back with the Night’s Watch (or is he?) he can’t engage in any explicit relationships, but I want Ygritte and Jon to happen again because they were so amazing together and Jon is a total babe. I am positive he would be such a good boyfriend if only Ygritte wasn’t a Wildling and stood for everything he’s against. She is SO fierce, though!

3. Khaleesi’s bad ass dragons destroying things

I was a tiny bit disappointed when I only saw the shadow of one of Khaleesi’s dragon children whizzing around, because I am looking forward to some dragon destruction! Dragons are the coolest. Especially’s Khaleesi’s, because they are super protective of their mom and she of them. I can’t wait to see what kinds of shenanigans those four get into.

4. More of King Joffrey saying, “I’m their king!” and Tyrion Lannister slapping his face

Oh, Joffrey. Everyone knows you’re not a true king if you have to say it! King Joffrey is truly the most evil character on television. I don’t know whether it’s his demonic grin or his terrible haircut, but I really hate this guy. I don’t want him to die quite yet, but I definitely want him to get bitched out. Like, who do you think you are, you evil tween?

5. Arya avenging her family’s death

Poor Arya! Just before she is reunited with her mom and brother, they get stabbed and gutted. Arya has led such a tough life. If anyone deserves to kill King Joffrey, it’s this girl right here.

6. More Brienne

Brienne is one of the strongest and purest characters on Game of Thrones. I love that she takes Jaime back to King’s Landing even though she disagrees with Lady Stark and despises Jaime’s guts. I love how the two become friends and Jaime saves her from a bear. What has happened to Brienne? Bring her back!

7. Tyrion catching a break

Tyrion may be the smartest character most worthy of the throne (besides Khaleesi, I have her back always) because although he’s always got a trick up his sleeve, he’s always makes decisions and sacrifices for the greater good. Tyrion, who has been ridiculed his entire life and accused of killing his own mother, is truly pitiable, especially when Tywin basically spits on his face after Tyrion single-handedly won that major battle. I hope Tyrion has some good things come his way.

8. An actual battle

This is an HBO series, so I honestly want to see some quality, epic battles. I want swordsmanship, backflips, and expert archery. I’m pretty much expecting Lord of the Rings worthy war scenes, because above all, this show is about fighting to regain power, right? I think we’re ready.

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