8 Things We Miss About Back-to-School Season

Now that I’m a busy working adult, I rarely notice the coming and going of seasons, particularly summer. But every year around this time, I still get nostalgic for back-to-school season. I miss that time of year when you’ve got all your new notebooks and pens freshly packed in your new book-bag, and you’re dreading-slash-eagerly awaiting the big return. It was that one time of the year when you started fresh, with a new hopeful attitude that everything would be different—and everything actually felt different that first week of school. Here’s the highlight reel:

1. Back-to-school clothes shopping

If nothing else about the first day of school excites you, the prospect of making a first impression with a killer, memorable outfit definitely will. And you don’t just get one awesome thing to wear for day one. You get a bunch of new stuff for the fun year ahead! When I was a kid, Internet shopping wasn’t super popular yet, but kids nowadays can bypass crazy malls and stores by making purchases online.

2. Buying brand new school supplies

Besides my awesome BFFs, school supplies got me through the monotonous, often boring days of elementary school. Clothes are wonderful to have (but not so awesome to shop for when you’re a child with a low attention span), but buying school supplies is always a blast, especially if Lisa Frank’s bright colors, and adorable animals are sprinkled all over them.

3. Seeing everyone after a summer apart

Who got a buzz cut? Who completely changed her style? Which well-known couple split over the summer? It all makes for excellent recess, lunch, and even class room chatter.

4. Welcome rallies

They were always so hokey, but that’s what made them amazing. Besides, they also meant you could leave class and goof off with your friends for a little bit, and I was always up for that.

5. Laidback teachers

Late to class? Don’t have a pen or paper? Have no idea what the heck is going on? No problem! Teachers are very chill when the year starts, but come week two, you better bring your A-game.

6. No homework 

All you really have to do the first week is read the syllabus, pay attention, and look busy. Easiest workload ever!

7. New students

If you went to a tiny school like I did, everyone treated the new kids like Bella Swan when she moved to Forks. New people open the door for new friendships and possibilities, and if there’s a cute new guy? Even better! It’s a bummer the popular crowd always managed to get to the new students first, but they found their people eventually.

8. Seeing your crush for the first time in months

And maybe discreetly memorizing his class schedule so you know where to look for him during breaks. . . and hoping he hasn’t figured out you were the one who prank called him all summer.

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