8 struggles everyone with curly hair can totally understand

If you have curly hair, you’ve probably had at least one person with straight strands say something along the lines of, Wow! I love your hair. I wish I had your curls!” (Probably as their hand moved towards your head without permission, but we’ll get to that) They usually mean well, and the statement is meant to be a compliment, so you smile and thank them. But deep down you know the truth, having a good curly hair day is much harder than it looks. Despite what most people think, you did not just wake up like this.

And while you absolutely love your curls, the struggle can get very real. There are just some things only other members of your curly-haired tribe will truly understand. For instance:

1“Sorry, I can’t. I have to wash my hair!”

Washing your hair can feel like a huge process. There are many, many steps and very little room for error. Plus as an added bonus, after you’ve detangled, shampooed, rinsed, conditioned, detangled again, and added your after wash products…your hair will probably stay wet for at least another 6 hours.

2Accepting the very real fact that you’ll break more brushes, hair ties, and combs than hearts

You probably really shouldn’t even own a brush, if we’re being honest.

3Fighting and losing the never-ending battle with humidity

Frizz, frizz, and more frizz.

4Having to designate most of your paycheck to hair products

Because how else will you control all that frizz?

5Realizing someone will ALWAYS be trying to touch your hair

It’s almost as if people can’t help themselves.

6Some things are just not meant to be

Here’s the thing, having your partner run their fingers through your hair is all cute and sweet until…it isn’t. There is just no way to do it without their hand getting stuck midway or possibly losing a finger.

7It takes a village… 

Finding a stylist who’s able to cut and style your curls won’t be easy but it will change your life.

8The shrinkage is real

You’ll feel like having long curly hair is impossible because your hair will lose half its length in shrinkage.

But even with all the daily struggles, you’ve grown to love and accept your unpredictable mane. And on those good hair days, you are flawless!

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