8 reasons you should be watching the new ‘Degrassi’ on Netflix

At long last, the latest season of Degrassi: Next Class is available now on Netflix, so if you’re in need of a new Netflix series to obsess over, prepare yourselves! Because Degrassi still has our hearts, regardless of what class is in session, and these episodes are perfectly drama-filled and entertaining. We laughed, we cried, we missed the old Degrassi, but we found new room in our heart for the new Degrassi, too.

Here’s why we heart it!

1It talks big issues as much as ever.

 And it’s so, so important! We continue to love the way they handle heavy issues in such a serious, and yet easy to understand way.

2The cast is as trendy as it is diverse, and we’re so about it 


This lineup, made up of Richard Walters, Amanda Arcuri, Ana Golja, Sara Waisglass, Spencer Macpherson and Ricardo Hoyos, is only a little bit of the incredibly diverse, and incredibly talented cast that make up the new Degrassi on Netflix.

3It’s portrayal of friendship is realistic AF, and it makes us wanna cuddle our besties

Degrassi watching party with the squad? Sounds like a plan to us!

4Its portrayal of abortion was completely realistic, non-scary, and amazing.

 TG for this incredible plot line.

5It has some of the most diverse and thoughtful representation of Muslim characters we’ve ever seen!


6It takes mental illness in a way that’s completely relatable.

 Yes, yes, yes. More please!

7It hilariously attempts to stay on top of tech.

 We can only imagine how weird this is gonna look in five years.

8It is, after all, where Drake got his start.

 We know we’re not the only ones who remember a young, young Drake singing on Degrassi! And Nina Dobrev, we didn’t forget about you! We remember a little tiny you, too.

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