8 reasons you should be watching “One Day at a Time,” our new fave Netflix original

Like most people, we spend WAY too much time on Netflix. So we were quick to check out a new sitcom called “One Day at a Time,” and, OMG, it’s now our favorite thing. We went through the entire first season on Netflix so quickly, and we have zero regrets, because, wow. Now this is a show we’re so happy to have in our lives!

 As VOX notes, “One Day at a Time” is a reboot of Norman Lear’s 1975 sitcom. But it’s seriously incredible on its own. There are so many things we absolutely adore from this killer new Netflix show, and it’s definitely something we’ll be revisiting again and again. After all, we can’t let our squad watch our new fave show alone!

So why are we obsessed with “One Day at a Time?”

1It’s dramatic in all the right ways.

The comedic timing in this show couldn’t be more perfect, and it’s exactly the amount of drama we want from a family-friendly sitcom.

2The cast is AMAZING.

It’s diverse in the way that we wish way, way more shows were. No one feels like a token, or a symbol. Instead, every character is well-rounded, well thought out, and important, and it’s such a nice feeling.

3It covers so many social justice issues.

Like, FINALLY! We live in a political world, and social justice isn’t just important in theory; it shapes our everyday lives. We’re so happy to see a show that recognizes this.

As executive producer Gloria Calderón Kellett told CNN,

"It's interesting because when we set out to do this show, I didn't set out to be really political with it but it certainly seems like it's a time when these conversations need to be having."

Now that’s something we’re excited to support.

4SPOILER: It features a queer character of color!!!!

We won’t say who, but we will say that one of the characters comes out on the show, and, OMG, our hearts.

5The writing team is actually super diverse!

Heck yes! This explains why the stories of these characters feel *so* real, and it also means marginalized people are getting writing jobs. A win win!

6It’s ridiculously hilarious.

We can’t tell you how many times this show actually made us laugh out loud. Whether it’s just *way* too real and relatable, or is just perfectly goofy, this show brings the giggles.

7It drops an amazing Hamilton reference.

Need we say more?

8And, of course, we have to watch anything our queen Gina Rodriguez recommends!


TG for Netflix and for “One Day at a Time.” Happy watching, friends!

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