8 random facts about falling in love that will probably explain so much

Ah, falling in love: it’s one of those strange and magical experiences that’s difficult to explain. You usually know it when it’s happening, but usually it’s impossible to say exactly why. Does anyone know why we fall for the people we do and why they make us feel so strongly? That’s where science comes to the rescue. It can explain how and why we feel the way we do, and why love can make us do such silly things in the name of that perfect someone. So check out these random facts about falling in love — at least you’ll understand why you feel a certain way, even if you can’t control who you fall in love with.

Danger is sexy

All those movies about people falling in love due to a dangerous situation are right — you’re more likely to fall for someone if you’re in a state of excitement or fear.

Love happens fast

Slow burn relationships have their appeal, but most people decide if they like or dislike someone within 4 minutes of meeting them. Which is sometimes we might make the “wrong” decision, if we aren’t being mindful about it, like going grocery shopping when you’re hungry.

Falling in love is addictive

The song got it right; you can get addicted to love. The addiction has been described as similar to nicotine or cocaine.

Love makes you crazy

It’s not just you or Rachel Bloom! When in love, your body produces the same amount of serotonin found in those with anxiety disorders and obsessive compulsive disorder.

Love hurts

Don’t let anyone tell you words can never hurt you: breaking up with a loved one triggers the part of the brain that deals with actual physical pain. Now pass the cookie dough.

Those butterflies are real

Butterflies in the stomach are a very real thing (not literally, luckily). They’re a result of your body being pumped full of adrenaline, mimicking a ‘fight or flight’ response.

Eighth time’s the charm

Love doesn’t always last; statistics say that people fall in love seven times on average before getting married.

Love makes us blind

Always fall for a “bad” special someone? It may not be your fault: when staring at your beloved, your brain suppresses the neural circuits associated with social judgment.

Eye contact counts

When trying to win over a new love, maintain eye contact as much as possible (without getting creepy); staring into someone’s eyes can produce the chemical associated with love.

That all explains it right? We’re all hopeless when it comes to l’amour.

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