8 Products to Make Bath Time So Much Better

I don’t often get time to fully relax and unwind, but taking a nightly bath is the one indulgence I allow myself. However, it’s no fun just sitting in the water with no good products to clean up with, right? (Just me?) Below are the things I seriously can’t live without and that you’ll find littering the edge of my bathtub – and annoying my roommate – if you stepped into my bathroom on any given day.

Ole Henriksen Rub ‘n’ Buff Salt Scrub – $38 at OleHenriksen.com

Ladies, this one’s a game changer. As soon as you open this jar, the most incredible smell of lemongrass, citrus and lavender wafts out in the most amazing way. The texture is superb and makes my skin SO soft – not to mention the amazing, light scent it leaves behind. Trust me – it’s worth the investment. Not only does it totally work, but you only need a little bit to get results, so you can totally make it last.

Garden Apothecary Rose Bath Tea – $12 at GardenApothecary.com

Because my skin is so sensitive, I’m wary about putting anything in the bath that might cause any irritation. That’s one of the reasons I was so glad to find Garden Apothecary. This rose bath tea is AMAZING. Not only does it contain lots of actual rose petals (which make the bath look SO pretty and luxurious, if I’m gonna be frank), but better than that, it doesn’t contain all that much else. There are the rose petals, Epsom salts and rose oil and that’s about it. It smells really lightly lovely, leaves your skin feeling super soft and is just one of my favourite products in the world right now.

Dr. Hauschka Moor Lavender Calming Bath Essence – $29.95 at DrHauschka.com

I used to be a major fan of Dr. Hauschka’s Lavender Bath Oil and was devastated when I saw that it was no longer being sold… that is, until I found this. It’s essentially the same as the old product with very few noticeable changes when it comes to use. The best part is the lovely scent it fills your bathroom with (and subsequently leaves on your skin), but it also is incredibly softening and – as the product states – incredibly calming.

Kneipp Orange & Linden Blossom Herbal Bath – $20 at Kneipp

Okay, first up, the smell of this stuff is DIVINE. Plus, you only need a tiny capful per bath, so it’ll last for ages – unless you take 100 baths per day. Then there might be a problem. It does leave your skin super smooth and also makes me feel incredibly relaxed after I get out of the tub. Is it all in my mind? Perhaps, but I love this stuff too much to find out.

OGX Coconut Water Shampoo & Conditioner – $7.99 at Ulta

Coconut water as a drink is disgusting – I don’t care what anyone says. But Coconut Water in shampoo and conditioner? I’M IN. OGX (formerly Organix) came out with some bomb coconut water shampoo and conditioner that smells so, so good. Can you tell I’m into good-smelling stuff? Plus, it leaves my hair SUPER soft, and the conditioner leaves me tangle-free, which is a serious plus since I hate tangles and get so many of them. I should probably trim my hair more often. Bottom line: AMAZING.

Klorane Floral gel eye make up remover – $16 at SkinStore

I know this isn’t technically a “bath item”, but I tend to clean my makeup off in the bath quite often, so it counts, right? Klorane is a fantastic brand from France that can be tricky to get a hold of over here, but once you do… well, I’ll just apologize now for the serious amounts of cash you’ll drop on their products. This stuff is KILLER at getting off eye makeup without being irritating, plus it has no parabens. What it does have is cornflower to be extra soothing. I’m on board for this stuff.

John Masters Organics 100% Argan Oil – $38 at JMO

No doubt you’ll have heard of argan oil by now, but have you used it? Listen: if you get dry ass skin in the winter like I do, it will be a GODSEND. It’s seriously amazing for everywhere on your body. I put a little on my legs – which get incredibly flaky (gross but true) in the winter – after a bath and it helps IMMENSELY… and also makes them look nice and shiny. A little goes a long way on the tips of your hair, as well – it helps tame flyaways and puts a little much-needed moisture in some of the drier bits. I’m a massive fan of this stuff.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil – $23.50 (ON SALE!) at DHCcare.com

As I said, I usually wash my makeup off in the bath – or at the very least wash my face in general. I was really skeptical about cleaning my face with an oil – even though my skin does tend to run dry. However, then I tried DHC’s Deep Cleansing Oil and died and went to heaven. It removes all my makeup and grime and leaves my skin clean but not greasy. It’s olive oil-based, so you know this stuff is good. I have converted so many friends to this stuff, it’s not even funny. I love it so much!