8 power-dressing rules from fancy business women in ’80s movies

There was a time when you couldn’t overtake a boardroom or blow your boss’s mind with an advertising pitch without big hair and shoulder pads. That time was the ’80s…in movies.

As women in real life were fighting for equal rights in the workplace and moving up the corporate ladder, women in films like Big Business, Baby Boom and Working Girl were mirroring their successes. Only they did it with a wardrobe dreamed up by Hollywood—and Hollywood can get creative. Get ready to learn eight rules of ’80s power-dressing from fictional ladies whose looks can only be defined as business not-so-casual.

Rule #1: When it comes to dressing for an important presentation, remember one thing: the bigger the hat, the more memorable you will be. (Big Business)

Rule #2. Perfectly matching your accessories to your blazer shows how organized you are. (Baby Boom)

Rule #3. Bright-colored, oversized glasses will show everyone that you mean serious business. (Working Girl)

Rule #4. Always color coordinate your entire outfit to your electronic device. (She-Devil)

Rule #5. There’s no such thing as going overboard when it comes to accessories in the workplace, and that includes netted hats and multiple strands of pearls. (The Great Muppet Caper)

Rule #6. Your most loyal co-workers will be the ones that share your affinity for a well-coiffed perm. (9 to 5)

Rule #7. The most efficient assistant is one that can work a blunt bob with bold spectacles. (Ghostbusters 2)

Rule #8. Finally, shoulder pads will hold the key to ALL of your success. (Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead)

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