8 easy vegan bowls that’ll add some color to your meals

We love trying new, healthy meals, so when we learned about vegan bowls, we had to look up some recipes! And there are actually *so* many vegan bowl recipes, whether you like fruit-filled smoothie bowls or want something a little closer to comfort food. These vegan recipes are so delicious you won’t even remember they’re vegan, and they’re so bright and colorful (naturally!) that you know they’re nutritious AF.

So what are some of our fave vegan bowls?

1This rice bowl with avocado, peas, pak choi and mushrooms


2This chocolate oatmeal topped with banana, frozen raspberries, and oat cereal

3This dragon fruit smoothie bowl

4This bowl with quinoa, scrambled tofu, hash browns, and sautéed veggies

5This pasta bowl with grilled eggplant, sautéed black beans, zucchini and tomato stew, and piccolo cherry tomatoes


6This purple bowl with loads of fancy fruits

7 This chocolate pudding oats with banana, raspberries and some coconut syrup on top

8This veggie bowl with sprouted lentils, organic veggies, fresh corn and wasabi sesame seeds


We hope you have so much fun giving these easy vegan bowls a shot!

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