8 easy crockpot recipes that’ll help you feel like an adult

We’ll be the first to admit that adulting isn’t easy. We feel like we never have enough time to get everything done, and one thing that has definitely suffered as we’ve entered adulthood is our eating habits. Energy drinks and protein bars for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, anyone? So you can imagine how #blessed we were feeling when we learned of the ~magic~ that is the crockpot. Honestly, we didn’t know there were so many different ways to use a slow cooker, but now that we do, we’re all about it. And these easy crockpot recipes are our secret to feeling a little bit more like we have our ish together.

So what are some of our faves?

1This chicken, mushroom, and rice soup will help you get through the winter

2This taco chili recipe is an actual dream come true

3This slow cooker butternut squash and chickpea pasta proves that crockpots are good for EVERYTHING

4This slow cooker turkey quinoa chili with sweet potatoes and black beans is loaded with protein


5If spicy is your jam, this one pot stuffed pepper casserole is sure to impress

6This wild rice soup is nice and comforting for cold days


7You’ll wanna snack on this spinach and artichoke dip pretty much constantly

8This lentil soup with turmeric and spinach is totally vegan, and totally delish

We hope you heart these easy crockpot recipes as much as we do! Happy cooking, friends.