8 Super-Fun Date Ideas for You and Your Bestie

Dating is rough. And anyone who says otherwise is lying or has amnesia. But do you know who always calls when they say they will? And who you’ll never have to make small talk with? And you know who you don’t have to exchange awkward, overanalyzed texts with?

That’s right: your best friend.

Now, we love besties around these parts. We never shy away from talking about how great they are, how you can’t live without ‘em, and celebrity BFFs that we love. So we figured it’s about time we discussed some great “bestie dates” to have with that ultimate friend in your life. Best(ie) part: you don’t have to worry about whether or not you have lipstick on your teeth.

Here are some tried and true dates you and your BFF should be doing pronto, with or without commemorative bracelets.

1. Go forth and explore!

Look out, Lewis and Clark, because you and your bestie are about to chart new territory together and it’s going to be really fun and may or may not involve a canoe. My bestie recently moved about three hours away (I know, I’m still wearing black) and so last Friday we both took the day off and met up in a little beach town halfway between our homes. Neither of us had been there before so we got to explore little eateries, rooftops, and local activities. Especially if you and your bestie make good travel partners, this is a super fun way to make memories and enjoy time together.

2. Make it a theme night.

Theme parties aren’t just for sororities or big blow outs, they’re also for solid hang-times with your best friend. Seriously, pick a theme for your next sis-down. It could revolve around an awards show, or even just a new recipe you want to try. Blogger Emily Schuman suggests a really fun one: Donut and Whiskey Night! That is, if you’re of legal drinking age. If not, swap out that whiskey for lattes or chocolate milk. There’s just something extra celebratory about hanging out with a festive theme tying it all together.

3. Get your truth or dare on.

This fun idea comes from Lauren Conrad, and seems like the perfect thing to do with a handful of your besties. It will certainly reveal some secrets you didn’t know about (old or new), as well as hilarious opportunities to go old-school and prank call your crush. Win/win.

4. Splurge together.

Earlier this year, a new restaurant opened up that looked incredible. My BFF and I were drooling over the menu when it came out, even though the prix fixe pricing was seriously above what we’d normally spend when we went out. So we decided to say no to a few other outings for a week or so, and hit up the new hot spot as soon as we could get in. It was really fun to indulge alongside my bestie and feel like we were really taking Tom Haverford’s advice to heart. (#treatyoself) Same goes for anything else you have to save up for: tickets to the theater, a trip, matching leather jackets. Having a partner in crime makes saving for that special event or item exponentially more fun.

5. Get pampered.

Mani/pedi, blow outs, spray tan, brow wax: whatever it is that makes you feel pampered, grab your bestie and make it a friend hang. Or if the budget is tight, do homemade masks or try your hand at some DIY nail art.

6. Sweat it out.

Dating articles always suggest ‘being active’ as fun ideas for getting to know someone, but getting out there and breaking a sweat is also fantastic for spending time with your closest pal. It’s especially great (and often hilarious) to try something new: rock climbing, stand up paddling, Flywheel. Even renting bikes and cruising to get smoothies is a perfect BFF date. Bonus: you won’t care what your hair or makeup looks like because your bestie has seen much worse.

7. Hit up a theme park or county fair

Um, can you say funnel cake and roller coasters? Okay, maybe not in that order (sickness averted), but two is the perfect number for rides and for splitting nachos. Whether you want to hit the lines at your closest theme park, or check out the next county fair or state fair (‘tis the season right now, actually), you won’t regret trying to win that giant stuffed elephant while your BFF makes fun of you and uploads your attempt to Instagram.

8. Take a class.

Sometimes we get into ruts with our schedules. Go to work or school, then hit the gym, then whip up some dinner, the watching The Tonight Show, rinse and repeat. If it’s time to mix things up, the best person to drag along is your best friend. Take an improv class together, or a cooking class, or a casual sport you’ve been dying to learn (think: tennis or golf, for example.)

Friends are friends forever, guys. So don’t let the bf or gf have all the dating fun, and take your bestie on a date this week.

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