8 Christmas cookie recipes you haven’t tried yet, and will totally love

We love all things Christmas, but we also love all things Christmas cookies! We heart Christmas cookies not just because they’re super yummy, but also because Christmas cookies are *so* easy to make. And these Christmas cookie recipes are a seriously perfect twist on our favorite classic holiday cookies and treats.

1. These black and white reindeer cookies are ridiculously precious

2. These animal shaped vegan shortbread cookies are an actual dream

3. These homemade, vegan peanut butter oreos are PERFECTION in a cookie


4. These vegan chocolate chip walnut cookies are a healthy spin on a classic

5. These frosted holiday cookies come in so many shapes and sizes and we love ’em

6. These gluten-free icebox shortbread cookies are a must try

7. These pumpkin chai snickerdoodles sound absolutely delish

8. These saffron cookies made with figs and nuts are so totally festive

TG for these Christmas cookie recipes for helping us switch things up this holiday season!