8 cats and dogs that totally got in on the Kentucky Derby hat game

Are you ready for your daily dose of cuteness?! Turns out humans aren’t the only ones into the Kentucky Derby fashion. From the looks of it, cats and dogs are just as interested in the Derby hat game as their human counterparts. And lucky for us, there is photographic proof on the internet.

Usually, pets don’t get to really dress up unless it is Halloween. And when that holiday rolls around, pet owners go completely bonkers! Prime example being this incredibly cute bee costume one cat-owner documented online.

Though some have a great time with adorable outfits for their furry friends throughout the year – no excuse needed.

But if you are looking for an excuse to let your four-legged friend get fancy, the Kentucky Derby is the perfect chance. And these pet owners certainly knew how to their their animal’s hat game to the next level.

1Big yellow floppy hat

Due to high demand, this pooch is going to be knighted and brought over to England as the Queen’s personal guard. Here, here!

2Jason Mraz twins

All we want to say to these pooches is that “we are yours”!

3 The mom gardener

This looks exactly like a mom gardening outside. Only it’s way cuter, obviously.

4Regal kitty

Dogs are not the only ones who get to have fun! This kitty looks like she belongs in a famous painting form the 1700s.

5 Lana Del Cat

Looks like the singer is being impersonated by a very good looking kitty. And the flower crown is exactly the type of thing that will get her into Coachella next year.

6 We can’t even with this face…

We’re not crying, you’re crying!

7 Everything you know is a lie except this pooch  

We didn’t know what truth was until we saw the face of this heavenly creature. Spaniels are just the greatest.

8 And this critter steals the show

Technically this isn’t a dog or a cat. But the hat works, so who are we to mess with perfection?