77 questions we still have after ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

Congratulations! You’ve now seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens. What are you going to do next??

Why, tirelessly obsess over every tiny detail of the movie, and try to figure out what it all MEANS while patiently waiting 522 days until Star Wars: Episode VIII hits theaters, of course!

Welcome to the post-Force Awakens world. If you thought waiting for the movie to come out was bad, the wait until the next film is going to seem even longer. Now that we know all these characters — Rey, Finn, Poe, Kylo Ren, BB-8, Captain Phasma! — and know what they’re up to, what are they going to do next? Where does Star Wars go from here? Is there such a thing as too many lingering questions for Force Awakens?

Nope. Never too many. We’re going to need enough to fill the next year and a half. SPOILERS ahead if you haven’t seen Force Awakens, but mostly everyone on the planet has seen it by now (maybe even twice). Here are just 77 of the hundreds of questions jumping that might be jumping around in your brain.

1. Who is Lor San Tekka, the guy at the beginning of the film with Poe, and how did he get Luke’s map?

2. Why did Luke give him the map?

3. If Finn works sanitation on Starkiller Base… how did he end up on Jakku as part of Captain Phasma’s command?

4. Did another stormtrooper call in sick? Is that a thing?

5. Why didn’t Kylo Ren immediately sense that there was something off with Finn, and remove him from any further stormtrooper missions?

6. How does Rey know how to speak droid? Can you take a class in droid-linguistics?

7. What’s an AT-AT doing on Jakku?

8. Where did Rey get that adorable little Rebel pilot doll? Was it off of Etsy, and if so, what shop can we order it from?

9. How did Rey survive on her own, from childhood to adulthood, with no supervision?

10. How did Rey not realize she was Force sensitive, or is that literally why the title of the movie is Force Awakens?

11. Was Rey left on Jakku because everyone knows the Sith hate sand?

12. Why is there an entire grand chamber dedicated to Supreme Leader Snoke’s hologram?

13. Where is Supreme Leader Snoke located?

14. Supreme Leader Snoke looks old. So how long has he been around?

15. How big is Supreme Leader Snoke IRL?

16. Why does the First Order want to destroy Luke? He’s already in hiding.

17. First Order, who hurt you?

18. Why is General Hux so sad? Can someone give him a hug?


20. How did Kylo Ren get Vader’s mask? Preeeeeety sure we saw that burn.

21. How old was Kylo Ren when he turned to the Dark Side?

22. Where are all the other Jedis Luke was training, or was it only Kylo Ren?

23. How did Han get his hands on that (assumed) First Order ship anyway?

24. And how was the Falcon “stolen” from him?

25. How did Maz acquire Luke’s former lightsaber?

26. Why did she have it buried in a box, in her basement, in a totally easy and accessible location for anyone who happened to stumble by?

27. Why did Rey react to the lightsaber, and suddenly start seeing her memories mixed with others?

28. Who were those creepy masked guys standing with Kylo Ren in the rain during her vision? Were those the Knights of Ren?

29. Why was Luke/Anakin’s former lightsaber calling to Rey, anyway?

30. Does Maz Kanata know Rey’s parents?

31. Why is Maz super blunt with Ray and all like, “kid, your parents are never coming back”? That’s a little too much tough love.

32. Why does C-3PO now have a red arm?

33. Is C-3PO’s red arm like the human version of getting plastic surgery?

34. Why didn’t Luke take R2-D2 with him?

35. If Luke didn’t want to be found, why did he make a map leading right to his location?

36. Why did he make a map, and then cut out a piece of it, and hide it on Jakku, and leave the rest of it intact in R2? What, is he into scavenger hunts now?

37. Why didn’t Leia train in the Force, just like Luke?

38. Who are we supposed to ship: Rey & Finn; Rey & Poe; Finn & Poe; Poe & BB-8? (The answer is Poe & BB-8.)

39. What’s Poe and BB-8’s backstory? How did they meet? Can that be Episode IX?

40. Does BB-8 have any cute, single droid friends? (Asking for, uh, a friend.)

41. What kind of shampoo does Kylo Ren to use to get that bouncy, voluminous hair?

42. How mad do you think Ben Solo is over the fact that his parents named him after the guy who let his grandfather/inspiration for life, Anakin, fall into a lava pit and then left him there to die?

43. Do you think Ben Solo went through a rebellious phase where he insisted on being called Anakin?

44. And then his parents were like, “LOL, yeah SURE, Ani” and he was just NOT feeling that?

45. What is Kylo Ren now finishing that Darth Vader started? We need specifics.

46. Why do the Sith/First Order always like to build round things?

47. Starkiller Base is actually a planet so… were there people living on it at the time, and what happened to them?

48. Captain Phasma survived that never-seen garbage chute, right?

49. Can Episode VIII include 150% more Phasma?

50. Is Han really dead?

51. We don’t see a body… so is he really dead?

52. Luke survived that fall through Cloud City, so like, Han could totally still be alive.

53. If not, let’s consider Ghost Han as a solid alternative.

54. If Leia felt Han’s death (“death” and it will be “death” until we see a body), did Luke feel it, too?

55. How did Finn KNOW how to fight with a lightsaber?

56. How did Rey KNOW how to fight with a lightsaber?

57. Is there any way that Rey is Luke’s daughter?

58. Because consider this: she’s EXTREMELY Force sensitive, Luke’s lightsaber “called” to her, and she — like Luke — was left behind on a sand planet at a very young age, never knowing her true family. It’s a possibility.

59. Is there any way that Rey is actually Han and Leia’s daughter?

60 Because consider this: Han takes an immediate liking to her, and offers her a job barely having known her. Rey, almost instantaneously, looks at him like a father figure.

61. Also consider the fact that Kylo Ren keeps asking about “that girl” who’s with Finn, like he’s already aware he’s got a sister. He also takes off his mask for her when she asks. Like he’s doing her a favor/hoping she’ll remember him.

62. And then consider the fact that Kylo Ren turned to the Dark Side, and maybe Han and Leia didn’t want their daughter joining up with big brother. So they needed to hide her, like Luke and Leia were once hidden, away from the arm of the Empire/First Order to keep her safe, even though it meant that the family couldn’t be together and that’s another reason Han and Leia broke up.

63. Or maybe Rey has no Skywalker blood in her at all.

64. Maybe she’s Rey… Jinn?

65. Is Rey now the pilot or the co-pilot of the Falcon?

66. How did R2 KNOW to wake up as soon as Starkiller Base had been destroyed?

67. Why is Luke hiding somewhere that kinda looks like Middle Earth?

68. Why so many steps, Luke?

69. Does Luke wake up every morning and simply stare out over the water all day, or does he do other things, too?

70. Doesn’t be remember that time Ben Kenobi went into hiding, and how that didn’t turn out well for him?

71. If Luke’s in hiding, and he doesn’t want to be a Jedi anymore, why he is still dressed exactly like a Jedi?

72. Do you think Luke’s mad that Rey showed up without any notice?

73. There’s no doubt Luke’s gonna train Rey… right?

74. When Finn wakes up from his coma, how much is he going to freak out knowing that Rey is off training to be a Jedi?

75. Can Finn be a Jedi, too? We’ve already learned he’s pretty good with a lightsaber.

76. How man times is too many times to see The Force Awakens?

77. How many days until Episode VIII again?

(Image via Lucasfilm.)

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