Those 72 brand new emoji are FINALLY here!

Remember just a few weeks ago when we were talking about the brand new 72 emoji coming our way? Well, they’re here! They’re finally, finally here!

The new emoji include SO many different images that we didn’t realize we needed, but now that they’re here we totally, totally, totally need them. Croissant? Avocado? Person doing cart-wheel? Stuffed flatbread? How did we ever properly express ourselves via emoji without you?


According to some counting, 18 of the new emoji are food related; which is totally a choice we support.


One planned emoji is absent from the upgrade, however, and with good reason. A rifle was supposed to be in the new batch of visuals but after Apple and Microsoft reportedly raised concerns, the Unicode Consortium (which handles all our emoji related issues) decided to scrap it.

While the new emoji won’t immediately be on your phones, the emoji are available to Apple, Google, and Microsoft starting today. Another amazing sounding perk: pretty soon, words on Apple phones will be replaced with the appropriate emoji. So, if you type the word “canoe,” for example, it will be replaced with this charming image:


New emoji, we are 150% here for you.