This 7-year-old wants black girls to know they’re princesses, too

Raise your hand if you can say you were a published author at age seven. Anyone? I certainly can’t! However, 7-year-old Morgan Taylor can, and surprisingly, that’s not the most impressive thing about her story — the book she wrote is for a very, very important cause.

She told Today that her father used to call her a princess, until one day, she told him she thought he should stop. When he asked why, she said, “I love it when you call me a princess but I know I am not really a real one. Real princesses were vanilla and I can’t really be a princess.”

What a heartbreaking thing for a father to hear — Todd told Today that it gave him a huge wake-up call about the kinds of images they were seeing when they watched movies together, and they started researching real-life princesses and queens of color.

Soon, they decided it was important for other kids to learn about these things, too, and the best way they could help with this was to write a book together. Their book is called Daddy’s Little Princess, and it’s a beautiful testament to the fact that black girls can be princesses, too.

You can find the book at many major booksellers, and here on their website.

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